Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mommy Came Out....

......of the broom closet on Saturday to one of the kids.
Yes...finally. As Ben and I watched Cameron's soccer practice, we chatted about various and sundry things. I have been thinking about talking to Ben about my spiritual life for a little while now. He's nine and always interested in the things Mommy does (gardens, cooking, feeding squirrels and birds) and I thought I should explain to him about what I am and what that means. His first comment"But witches aren't real!" Once it was explained that green skinned scary old ladies on flying brooms weren't real but that yes there are people that work magic. Then came the talk about how cool it WOULD be to fly on the broom and I told him our joke (me and Edith) thats too old fashioned and slow..we want vacuum cleaners with cup holders. he giggled like crazy and came up with about a milloin flying things with cup holders "Is that funny mom, isn't that a good one?" Did he get the point? Kind of. Was he told to keep it under his hat and why? Yes. Does he want to learn more? Yes.
So...the first step has been taken and we move by baby steps into the world of Pagan Parenting rather tha parenting with some nature love in it. With Ben I have the opportunity to learn and teach and nurture his spirit more obviously.
I hope I don't blow it.

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