Thursday, June 08, 2006


and not just the weather. R checked the bank account this morning and after an exclamation (softly) or two became ominously silent. When I would speak to him I got monosyllabic answers and little to no eye contact. It would appear that I am in the doghouse yet again! Its getting so's I should decorate in here since I have spent much of the last 12 years out here. Suddenly I feel very very tired. And bored. and Tired. Thumbsucking may be called for. Or not.
Many heaved sighs later........
Is it just me or does non-fiction do this to everyone? I zone out...I'm reading..its interesting..I bought the damned books...why do I zone out? Suddeenly I am paragraphs or pages along but no idea what I just read because my brain switched over to another track. Grrrrr. This always happened with text books. That is understandable!! But why when its a book I WANT to absorb????
Yesterday I washed some clothes, vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor (eeeeewwwww gross), and di some dusting. Today its laundry again and bathrooms etc. Ben has another game tonight! Had no idea until his coach called...yup there it is on the schedule I have not read thoroughly.
I so suck as a parent.


Hantra said...

You do not suck as a parent, my dear. It's just that sometimes it's difficult for our brains to process everything that's required when raising children. Don't beat yourself up. Love ya.

Whaledancer said...

Thanks doll. Does this mean I can feed my kids candy for breakfast without guilt???? (cuz its easy and I don't need to make it for them..)LOL

Tigerlily said...

Maybe not candy, but certainly chocolate cake. It's been done before in our household. LOL. But of course, we've had spaghetti and pizza loads of times too.

I *should* be doing dishes right now, but instead I'm surfing... so don't beat yourself up. You don't suck as a parent. There's just only so much energy to go around sometimes. Dishes can wait, my sanity can't.

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