Saturday, June 24, 2006

May I Just say "JACKASSES!"

So after I get home from the Lithat ritual in Angrinon Parc today I here that the fireworks that I heard in my town last night caused this:
Fireworks fire burns homes near Montreal
Jun. 24, 2006. 11:49 AM
TERREBONNE, Que. (CP) — Three homes have been destroyed and several others damaged after fireworks to celebrate Quebec's St Jean Baptiste holiday went astray and landed on one of the house's roofs.
Police say the fire caused about one million dollars in damages and forced 50 people to leave their homes in Terrebonne, north of Montreal.
About forty firefighters were called to the scene.
Celebrations for the holiday continue across the province this weekend.
10:26ET 24-06-06

How embarrassing.............Yet could I find anything about this on the Gazette's website??? nooooooooo. I found it in the Toronto Star website. Cover up? Hmmmm......Keepin' it mum in the local press, eh?

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