Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sales at Sears.......

are a dangerous thing for us it would seem. Richard has been in desperate need of fresher duds for work for quite some time. Its a sad but true fact of life in Montreal that in the insurance industry you are somewhat judged on appearance and need to stay au courant and stylin'. To this we are not adjusting well. Poor man.... after Christmas when I gave him a couple of cool shirts and a sweater he got compliments. This points out the fact that his look had been getting stale. But ye Gods NEW clothes are EXPENSIVE! If they want him looking sharper than we can afford maybe they should give a clothing allowance (don't even get me started on the fact that our Volvo purchase was after a "suggestion" from the boss). So, poor R has been getting dowdy , especially in the golf attire.
Today was the day to hit Sears. The sales were great!!!! We got 25 and 40% off many items and literally loaded our arms with shirts, ties, pants and shirts for golf (outdoor office) and pants and blazers for the(indoor) office. Since this only a once in awhile thing he needed quite a few things replaced. the shocker is when we got to the check out. The total was almost as much as my wedding gown. Thank Gods for plastic or the man would be naked. Thank Gods for my sister's care packages of hand me downs and thrift finds or I would be too.
Meanwhile, I got shirts and shorts for the kids the other day at the comptoir as well as shorts for Richard. $13. Went back yesterday for the bonsai pot I saw Thursday. Now to find the right plant for it.
One garden box (4x8)is finally filled and planted. 38 bags of soil it took! Those will be expensive tomatoes and carrots this year. Now I know how many bags I need for the other one.
I have been disgusting for May. No trips to Curves and eating like crazy... The inches taken off are back. Depressing. I gotta try to do better. I have been very tired and going to the gym after lunch has just seemed like too much effort. Must..Do..Better!!!!
I wish I had ice cream.

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