Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is it just me?

Does anyone else find the DQ commercial featuring creepy monsters funny? Its like monsters meet junior high crush. Very funny. To me anyways. ahem..anyways...
My nose is running like crazy(plus sneezing watery itchy eyes etc etc etc). YES allergy season is upon me and I AM NOT HAPPY. Y'know if global warming etc causes wild life decimation why can it not get rid of some grass???? #$%^&^%^%&* pollen. I hate you grass pollen!!!! grumble grumble
Ben's soccer team so got their asses kicked again last night. Only half the team showed up for the game in St-Roch-de-l'Achigan and its probably because it was hard to find. Not on my list of parcs that Cameron's team plays on. Here is another way that Cam's coach is sooooo much better than Ben's. He gave us MAPS of the parc locations. Thank You! Very handy for someone like ME who has no idea where these #$%^&* places are! Richard went online to the soccer website and found the map for St Roch. I still got lost and had to buy a provincial map (again..mine is in the Volvo and I had the Echo) to find my way there. Anyways, the other team really had it together and showed up. They even warmed up better..grrrr. Asses kicked very fast 7-1 BUT Ben's playing was much better than last game even though he had no idea how to play his position. We basically yelled instructions at him from the sidelines. I became the kind of mother I hate at games. Then I got excited when Ben made a good kick and squealed/screamed. I must hang my head in shame now. So humiliated. Ben was thrilled with his playing and happy even though they lost and THAT my friends is what sports should be about. Tonight Cameron plays. I will keep my mouth shut...REALLY.


Hantra said...

Yeah, that's a cute commercial. But the funniest is the car commercial (can't remember the make I was lauging so hard) with the dog sticking his butt out the car window at the other dogs...that's my favourite...I was in tears from laughing so hard.

Whaledancer said...

oh yeah I remember that..."Sick Puppy'