Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting ready to ROLL

The tent trailer is in our driveway, set up and awaiting my cleaning and stocking. Its so cool! Even has electric bed warmer thingies. I may move in permanent.
My many lists have been reduced to one and so I KNOW I am making progress in preparations. I have to make a new list though of what to DO before we leave not what to acquire. Things like wash the sleeping bags, pack, clear ourt fridge and kitchen sink etc, shut down the pool, give key to Isabelle to tend the girls, blah blah blah. I am having a blast planning and shopping. Weird eh? I cannot wait to leave. We will have soooo much fun.
First night..the Gardens near Edmundston..second and third nights, Risser's Beach!! WooHoo. We always wanted to camp out there by the beach. Then the 16th we move into the cottage intil the morning of the 23rd. After that is up in the air. Either Richard will fly home and leave us in NS to vacation a bit more or we will all come home. It depends on my tent trailer capabilities.
Marla and I have so many things we want to do together...Go to Carter's Beach to see if there is any sweet grass, learn ourselves how to make baskets together, laze around with drinks together.. She has kindly offered her back field as our home base and that is super because A) no daily fee, and B) I am at her place. hahahahahaha. Seriously, she has an awesome place and she is minutes from a great bakery and the beach.
We have a great friendship where we can let each other know that we are getting on each other's nerves and even get super pissed at one another but then we talk it out and make up. We should get married.

I am way excited about this trip. Richard is hankering to get on the road as much as me..he was actully prancy when he booked the Risser's camp site. Very excited.
Soooo coool.


Hantra said...

have a wonderful vacation!!!

Whaledancer said...

We will...we leave on the 13th.