Friday, June 23, 2006


I think that having fun last night gave me the energy to clean up my pantry cabinet this morning...what is up with that???!
Last night was the charity screening of Serenity in Montreal. We had over a hundred folk show up/buy tickets. We watched a shiny clip of Meryl Streep and Joss Whedon at an Equality Now function and then the big damn movie. There were folk that hadn't seen it at all! Afterward the prizes were drawn and we BOTH won a door prize! Holy crap! That was extra awesome. I also got a wee present as a volunteer. That was super shiny.
Richard looked great dressed in a Wash inspired outfit complete with a dino in his pocket. Khoba looked amazing as Zoe. I forget the name of the gal dressed as River but she looked cool too. Scarlet made an alluring Inara and I was very handy as Kaylee I do believe. No Cap'n, Simon, Shepherd Book, or Jayne to be seen. Poop.
Afterwards we trooped to the Intertainment Cafe at the corner of Bishop and Rene Levesque. Its a GREAT spot and they have kareoke booths, tonns of space and out of the ordinary beverages. I WILL return. Maybe we can get a kareoke night scheduled or make this spot our official browncoat hangout. That sounds great. is the first day of summer vay cay baby! I slept in until what FELT like 10 or 11 am...turned out it was 8:43 am. I had a coffee and then started listening to my shiny new Bedlam Bards cd (prize) and I must say the instrumentals leave me wanting MORE MORE MORE. Got all inspired to organise a cabinet that NEEDED it highly so I grabbed a shower, cranked the Bards and started in on it. After I was done it looked soooo good. Why can't it STAY that way??
I have been needing a big honkin' jar to start my potpourri in. Discovered I had one but had forgotten it. Technically its a 4 quart snp lid cookie jar but hey! Why not ! In went the rose petales, the dianthus flowers, dried orange peels, and last years dried cedar. Oh look I had juniper berries, calendula, and lavender too. In they went. The southernwood was FINALLY dry so in it went as well. Then the bay leaves I dried out a couple of weeks ago. I should really write this down I suppose! I'm pretty sure thats it so far. Now for some spice....must ponder this one. A bit of anise? Cinammon sticks? Cloves? Cardamom pods? Coriander? Something that says Summer's Garden. Hmmm...its a toughie. I know I will add some essential oils and orris root powder soon too. Its should be ready by Lammas (or Mabon if I'm real slow.). OH I forgot to dry some lemon verbena...doh! Ok...thats on the to do list.
I am having a great day so far and its just turned NOON. Whoa. I have been productive and if you know me you know thats wierd!!!!!!!!


Owldaughter said...

Wow -- I so want to smell that when it's matured!

Whaledancer said...

Me too! I'll send you a baggie of it if it doesn't stink!