Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Did I tell ya? Cats Rule...

We have tickets to see Cats at Place Des Arts July 11th....woo hoo! Meowmeowmeow.....MUSICAL! We love musicals (although Evita didn't float my boat but Mamma Mia was awesome) and living near Montreal and actually having the occassional room on the Visa for tickets is wonderful. It makes up for a lot of my home sickness...sometimes. Its on my list of why living here isn't as bad as if feels some days. We are very lucky to have this opportunity to be near a city that attracts great shows and performances. In the year we have been here we have seen Mama Mia, Evita, and Bare Naked Ladies. Our second year of being entertained by more than TV and liquor commences with Cats! I saw Cats in Halifax as a production toured through and I loved the music..Do I really understand it? Umm..no...but I thoroughly enjoy the costumes and dancing and songs about all of these fabulous fictional T.S. Eliot created cats. The names are witty and nonsensical and yet totally right on the money as far as naming a cat goes. Fluffy? Pluh-lease..Mungo Jerry and Rum Tum Tugger are sooooo much better. Got a tabby? Jenny Anydots is a whimsical name that is perfection just in the speaking. Grizzabella is just as her name ipmlies..a glamorous beauty that is waaaay past her prime. Think Cher without plastic surgery as a cat.
It also helps that I have been a cat person for my whole life. Dogs are fine but on the whole cats are irresistable to be. The cuteness...the ferocity...the cuddle factor...the killer beneath the facade...the claws..the fangs...the sleepy time in the sun..the grace and the slyness. Cats Rule.

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