Monday, June 12, 2006

12 Loooooooooonnnnggg Years

That is how long Ricahrd and I have been married now. Twelve. Long. Years. :oP
Poor guy...come on let's hear it for my pooor long suffering husband who puts up with my various weirdnesses. aaaaaaw..Poor Richard. Thats what my family always says anyway. June 11th, 1994 is a day taht will go down in infamy!
To celebrate said event we went to a garden sale and bought some plants. Then I planted the plants: one Baptisia(false indigo), one lily magnolia, and 2 lilacs. they are all pretty small (except the baptisia) but with any luck they will grow and flourish. My roses have commenced to blooming after teasing me with the tips of opening buds for a week or more. Morden Ruby, while not fragrant, is very floriforous (sp?) and the blossoms are interesting because the petals are not a solid color but somewhat blotchy. Very pretty vibrant pink/red. I highly recommend it for hardiness and showiness.
Tonight was Cameron's third soccer game. He overheard one of the other kids say he didn't play well and his feelings are hurt. Mama Bear wants to crush the other kids skull and smear it on the ground. Reasonable Mother wants to help him learn to play better and utilise this as constructive criticism. What did I say to Cameron? "If he says it again tell him "Bite my ass, Dickwad!" Well I thought the dickwad part since that seemed a bit much. Poor Cammie. He was really enjoying it until that happened...having fun and thinking he was doing well and liking being part of a team for the first time. Poor baby.
Today was my last shift at the MPRC for most of the summer. The boys finish school next week. I got two new books today. Healing Wise by Susun weed and Jude's Herbal Home Remedies by Jude Todd. Very exciting. Also got some orris root powder so I can make potpourri this year. Yaaaay! The lavender is blooming now as it dianthus.
Gotta go.

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