Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another day....

blahh blahh blah.. Its Tuesday and I have another soccer game to attend tonight. Ben's this time and Cammie again tomorrow.
We went out looking at tent trailers last night after Cammie's game. They are pricey little motherf$%^s ! There is one for sale a couple of streets away and its for $12,000. Thats right...TWELVE thousand for a used tent trailer. Oy! Then again I don't know what year it is or what upgrades have been done. its a fairly recent one.
I have tried being the Devil's Advocate rather than the Devil herself and suggested that maybe this isn't such a wise move. We do need to reduce our debt further so that we have less month left at the end of the money. BUT it will allow us (by us I mean me and the kids) to spend more time in NS camping comfortably rather than much less comfortably. Richard doesn't get much time off so he'd not be going as much. BUT i'd have to learn how to put it up and down myself. And how to back it up...I suck at that with trailers though I was getting the hang of it with my utility trailer a few years ago. I think he wants to shop around some more before we decide for sure this year, yes or no.
Ben's teeth are doing great although Suzanne says she thinks he will need braces when he's older. Damn! there goes retirement.
My roses look sooo pretty! I think I will try to make lavender bottles tomorrow!

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