Friday, May 08, 2009

Sadness.... I has it

My sister should be just about ready to board her plane back to NS right this second. I was able to hold it together until the car turned the corner then I got misty. She'd been here a weeek and while thats a nice length of visit, its hard to let her go.
Of course instead of showing her a really kick ass time on her last day I ended up having MY ass kicked but a cold/flu virus that a certain second born son has passed on to me. He was home sick from school yesterday since his mucus level had reached critical mass and he was nauseous, and I ended up spending the morning and part of the afternoon in bed waiting for the cold meds and Cold F/X to kick in. They eventually did but I was still woozy and breaking into cold sweats for all my 'lets go and have some fun!!" attitude. What DID transpire was she and I curling up on the sofa reading and then she went to get Ben afterschool and they went shopping, returning home for supper. Ben was thrilled at the one on one time with his godmother beloved aunty and I passed out on the sofa while part of supper was baking in the oven, not needing supervision.

After supper we went to find some little gifts for her to take home ( Canadiens themed stuffs) and then got home in time to curl up on the sofa to watch Bones (OOOH! Baby talk and Boothe has a TUMOUR!!!) and Greys AnatomY (Lame but I cried anyway)and then it was more meds and back to bed for me.

So here we are on a Friday with the kids home on an inservice day, its kinda threatening rain, and I am still not very spry. I think I will stay home from knit night tonight.
Oh...Mom's sweater had to be ripped back a little bit and the neck redone. A few more rows and its bind off time and then its the steeking. I am so close to being finished I can taste it. If I actually sat down and did it I could finish it this weekend!! But chances are I won't.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better. My daughter and I got our butts kicked by it about a month ago- not fun. Rest up and feel better. The best thing about missing your sister is knowing how much you love each other.

Terri-Lynn said...

Hope your feeling better soon : ) Sounds like you need some chocolate. It fixes everything you know. ;< )