Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday morning

I woke filled with rage. In my dreaming Hman was carrying on with someone in cyberspace on that "Second Life" website and the avatar he was carrying on with was super hot. There was some major scrapping both in cyber space and out here in the real world, let me tell you. I was a whip cracking wife of rage. Woke up with the anger and a "wait a minute..." thought. LOL Crazy.
Last night at knit night (Effiloche on Friday nights) I sewed down one side of my steek. I made two pwoplw try the sweater on in the hopes that their mediumness was similar to my mom's size. Now I am worrrying that the sweater may be too small. Eek. So help me if it is I may cry. I am so close to completion. Bought the buttons for it and need to calculate how many to put.
Janet gave me a lovely gift and in it was my new favourite lipstick! L'Oreal Juicy Colour (?). Its very sheer to the point of lip gloss rather than lipstick, and it smells like fruit! Colour : Island Punch. Love it.
My new favourite show "Castle" was renewed for a second season. YAY!

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