Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Friday!!!

And its also payday so I will be buying me some dirt for the gardens today. And ordering a yard of mulch like last year. And possibly a yard or two of compost. We shall see.
I have to rave again about my Mother's Day gifts of frying pans. Earth Chef ceramic coated non stick pans. I am so in love but they only get used for special things like Cameron's morning eggs (they slide outta the pan I tells ya!!) and when I made pancakes. Oh man. It was heaven for someone who is trying to be a good momma but is nowhere near being a morning person and her kids are clamoring for pancakes before school. UGH! Imagine all that AND having the bastardy things stick to the pan and make a frakking mess and burn etc. No more now that I have my ginormous Earth Chef pan that I have declared off limits to all other hands but mine own. ben put his request in today for pancakes tomorrow and that I make a huge batch so that there are some in the freezer for school days. I may do so.
Did anyone chck out Bones and Grey's Anatomy season finales this week? They sucked IMHO. I knew Izzy and George were leaving but didn't see how they could do it so I was surprised that John Doe was George even though he somehow knew Meredith (maybe her dad?? maybe an intern?). The last scene where Izzy is in her prom gown in the elevator and George meets her in his Army uniform was kinda sweet but open ended...are they both killed off or not? Did the shows producers relent and keep Katherine Heigl even though she's been a bitch about the show? Hard to say. Strangely thougfh I routinely cry at something on Grey's Anatomy I had no tears or sadness with this episode. It left me flat.
The Bones finale turned out to be a dream that post op Booth had and now that Brennan may acknowledge her feelings for Booth he doesn't recognise her thanks to his brain surgery. (rolling eyes many brain tumours are there in prime time TV this season now??). All that boring dream scenario and then "Who are you?" at the end. Grr. Let down.
I swear if ABC doesn't keep Castle on the roster I may have to give up TV, not that that is a bad thing but really...
My computer is acting all pain in the assy since last week. we had a virus scare and have been running extra security stuffs but all that does is slow down and confuse my poor machine. I am losing patience. when I am bored I surf and my boredom has grown expedentially in relation to my lesser surf capabilities thanks to slow confused freezy computer. Grr...
Garden talk: I repotted my mint but am thinking I need to unpot it and divide it instead because at its current state it will be potbound again by the end of the season. Or maybe I will just get a new mint plant because I don't remember if this is spearmint or peppermint. I really need to start labelling things. I used what bags of soil I had to top up the herb bed but it only did about 1/3 of said bed. I dug out my struggling chives and replanted them as well as the sprouting calendula seedlings from last years dropped seeds. I keep meaning to gather the blossoms to make calendula ointment but then get distracted or lazy or I plain old forget. Since when I grow culinary herbs I fail to harvest them or preserve them, maybe the bed should become medicinal herbs instead. Or not...maybe I should just plant the whole thing in garlic.
The peas are getting taller! Last year I had maybe 3 pea plants. Out of two boxes of seeds. It was bizarre and terrible. This year looks awesome for snow peas.
Tomatoes are going gangbusters in their pots and should either be repotted deeper or soon planted outside. They are getting nice and big. The peppers are small. I have 6 plants and they are piddly. Really needed to start them sooner.
I am considering forgetting about my pole beans this year. They were for dry use and the beans are very large lima style ones and I don't think we will like them. Just bush beans this year I guess but that means I have room for more tomatoes for freezing and preserving. Thats a good thing...I hope.
So as it stands I am still on the "hurry up and wait" cusp of gardening wherein I am waiting for the season to be far enough along to proceed with more planting and haven't finished the beds. it will all come together in a big rush and flurry as usual.
Don't you love Spring?


puffthemagicrabbit said...

More garlic. Definitely.

Val said...

The tomato plants you gave me are growing like crazy! Can't wait to plant them. We missed you at the last knit night.

Tara said...

I didn't mind the Bones finale, actually. Let me qualify: I thought the dream sequence was fun, Sweets singing, his band being called Gormogon, Zack being back, smoochies between Booth and Bones... But I admit, the whole "He has a brain tumor and now has amnesia" was really frickin' lame.