Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogger messin' Wit Me Head

But thats not hard to do these days. bad case of foggy brain today.
ALSO: cause of life-stipation seems to be PMS. I checked the calendar. I should be un-stipated in a week or two. Until then be prepared for posts from the high of highs and low of lows.
Also I still don't know what I want to BE when I grow up and I am 41. How sad is that? This + PMS= midlife angst.
The weather is still darkish and rainy-ish until Saturday the forecast says. Our pool seems to have a leak because the water level keeps dropping by a few inches from where it should be. No idea where the leak is or how to fix but can't do anything about it for at least a week because Hman is going on a business trip, starting Saturday.
There are 14.5 school days left in the current term. Then its all "I'm bored! I want a snack etc.." all the time. There is not enough Paxil in the world for this. Remember when we were kids and we would leave in the AM to play with friends outside and only return for meals an drinks? Mine won't leave the house most days. There is a park near by and they are old enough now to cross the big bad busy street (oh my nerves) and play with friends that are not right next door. I think the whole "no you may not leave the yard without permission or an adult" has never really worn off. WTF? When we were kids were were craving freedom from being under adult its the opposite. This sucks. I became a grown up FOR THIS??
Earplugs. The answer may be earplugs. If I can't hear their screechy little voices like nails on a chalkboard, everything may just be tickety boo.


Anonymous said...

When I had the "I don't know what I want to be" identity crisis, I had another baby to put it off for a few more years. Today that baby graduated from preschool. My other 2 get out in 8 days (and yes, they have been counting). I'm thinking earphones, and lots of advil! Since we live in the middle of the woods, I can send the little demons outside, but they really would rather stay inside and whine. Sigh. Now you've got me in a funk.

I'll watch Chance try to catch CJ's tail for awhile- that will put it all in perspective...

Suldog said...

Well, be whatever you are for now. That's enough.

Tara said...

I have those "Now what?" moments on a daily basis, sweetie. Really. The trick is to find a new obsession, like knitting, Twilight, or exercise. It keeps the brain quiet.