Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still home

We could have gone BUT to change our return date would cost a "pushed a button fee" of a thousand dollars. Thanks American Airlines. For nuthin'...!

He played 36 holes of golf today in an attempt to regain some Zen. It was seriously disturbed when one of the clients that still went to Puerto Rico called and said it was "even better than Hawaii. So a dream its so awesome..blah blah blah..." Here, let me hold that knife for you and hand you the salt to shake into my REALLY! Let me.

Of course he is playing golf again tomorrow. Just needs to hit things I guess.

On the plus side my wonderful sister arrived yestyerday and we have been chatting almost non stop. Its so nice to have her here. she is slipping under the spell of The Newnienoo and Blossom has latched on to her like a misdirected duckling after the wrong mama. Its awesome.

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