Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knitted out

I was saying to my niece today how I have lost my knit mojo...that my mom's sweater may have killed my knit lust. All that old lady pink and all. I've lost my desire to fondle yarn and make pretty knit stuffs. Then I thought maybe I was just tired of knitting for others and big stuff...tired of socks and mittens and sweaters. maybe I should knit some baby cutenesses...but what to do with them since I have no babies and there are few I know of. Plus my stash is not composed of baby acrylics in pastels. i have some pretty serious yarns to play with that a Muggle might machine wash and dry and destroy what could have been an heirloom knit! gasp! Perish the thought.
Then I considered how I would like to have something knit to wear to Rhinebeck in October. Like my not started Einstein coat (Sally Melville design)that I have the yarn for and have had for 6 months. My unfinished shrug from Sweet Paprika that I wish someone would finish for me would be welcome as well. I actually did cast on Einstein this afternoon, knit one row and then wondered if it will be too long for my short round personage and stopped all work.
Maybe its the time of year. I didn't knit much last spring because of the gardens. I think I have a case of garden fever again. There is much to do yet I can't do it yet until I have more dirt which I need to order...and mulch..again. Lots of hurry up and wait and then it will get crazy for awhile with the planting etc and then all will calm again until I am over run with cucumbers and lettuce again and swear I will never do THAT again. Which we all know I will.
Don't ya just hate getting stuck in a rut?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, go make yourself some nice spring colored socks and get over it!