Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday's Doin's

Yesterday we took Aunty Don't (Jessie) to the Montreal Biodome. It was fun but tiring. Oh my hips and feet! Its really such a cool place though. You can learn so much about the world in this ONE building. Its really really fascinating. i got a couple of great pictures of our city adventure.
Today we are looking at staying home and puttering. I need to deal with litter boxes and laundry and we plan to go get our Blueberry bushes today too. Maybe get them planted before night fall as well? We shall see.
The wind we have had the last few days has finally died down and today is really nice and warm but not HOT. Maybe it will be later but the forecast is only for 19 degrees.
So there we have today's doings...maybe I will get a chance to start the neck of Mom's sweater too. I think I have decided what I will do...2 and 2 ribbing for the neck like the cuffs and Garter stitch for the button bands.

Jessie brought her Colinette socks back to me (at my orders) because the heels wore out. I have ripped back one sock to the leg and am going to reknit the feet...the toes will be done in another Colinette colourway. there is a lot of yarn in a pair of socks and Colinette is not the cheapest sock yarn out there. This time I will try to reinforce the heels better. :o) I hope to finish THESE before we go back to NS is July for vacation.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You could always knit the heel flap and heel with yarn held double; extra cooshy and won't wear out as fast.

Tara said...

I agree, the Biodome is awesome. We always have fun when we go with the kids.