Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Its been a rather nice Mother's Day this year. I was allowed to sleep in but cleaned up cat puke immediately upon rising. After some coffee I was informed that I had to get dreesed so that we could go out. While Cameron was at his art class we hit an unfamiliar Pepiniere in La Plaine. There we perused the offering and selected two more blue berry bushes to go with the two we have now. Next year may see us have blueberries!! They had some lovely fruit trees which made Hman wish for more room for fruit trees in our tard...or is there room? So we are looking at the back yard now with an eye to whether we could squeeze in two or 3 more fruit trees, like a couple of plum trees? Hard to say at the moment.
After returning home I was given two more gifts. Earth Chef nonstick frying pans, one very large and one very small. Yay!!! I had asked for exactly that! They are ceramic non-stick, which is healthier than teflon and its residues.
I am told that I will be given a lovely supper and the surprise has been let out (as usual) by Cameron. Apparently there is lobster involved but I will act surprised for Hman and Ben.
Its a chilly day though. The temperature has dropped to around 10 degrees and its cloudy with a threat of rain. Mansfield Park is on the tube to give me a dose of Austen.

Yup...all in all a pretty great Mother's day.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a happy mother's day! That cat puke was just to let you know how very much you are needed...