Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twas the night before Halloween......

....and all through my house are wee bits of pumpkin from two carving maniacs.

Yes we finally got those orange beasts carved. All I did was open the tops and use skewers to attach the parts they asked me to when all else was done...the boys did the rest themselves with no injuries....gutting the gourds, and carving the faces. They are happy with their work and I am proud of them for getting the job done. YAY BOYS! I don't know why but I love the smell of pumpkin at carving time.
I have devised a wicked cool beard and moustache for Ben and he's going to be "Firebeard" the pirate because of the colouring of his facial hair. Cool name eh? I used some of my Spring Chicken colourway roving from Pamplemousse en Caoutchouc ( dyers of lovely spinning fiber)to make them and the little bit of yellow and red look really cool. I also took Itzel's ( a Montreal Knits friend) advice and got spirit gum to glue the beard and moustache in place. She said the eyelash glue I'd bought wouldn't work. Boo hoo.
Still no scythe for Cameron so guess what I will be creating tomorrow for my l'il Grim Reaper? I have a rake handle and will be cutting cardboard and duct taping like a mad woman I am sure.
Who says Halloween is just for the kids, hmm?


kate-the-enabler said...

PHOTOS!! Pumpkin photos pleeeeeze.
(when you have time, of course.) And costumes too :)
happy hallowe'en
(today's verification word is sting. I like that)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yeah, photos!

You one twisted Halloween fanatic...