Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stolen Pictures

I snagged these from Kadi's blog because I have been waiting for her to send them to me and I am impatient as Hell.
The sheep in the picture is Emily the Rambouillet. She is very affectionate and we had a was magical. At one point we were nose to nose sniffing each others noses and breath. Ewes do not tend to act like this and at first I assumed Emily was an Emil...until she turned around and I saw her...uumm.. Anyways, she is VERY affectionate for a ewe and her wool was very fine and soft and she enjoyed the scratchings around the ears etc. She was not happy in her pen and maybe was trying to convince me to take her out? If I still had my farm I woulda been sorely tempted. Sweet Emily...I will always remember you. Especially now that stole our picture from Kadi.

The second picture is of myself and Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee, the Yarn Harlot. I don't look at all scary, do I? Here's what happened:
I'd lost all my friends on Saturday and spent 3 hours of the festival wandering by myself. During that 3 hours I'd bought Franklin Habit's book and had it signed(squee!!0 and fondled a LOT of wool and yarn. Then I hooked back up with some people I knew and Kadi found me again. While we were getting caught up who did I spy but the Yarn Harlot strolling by at good speed. I got a little excited I guess...ok..VERY excited. Its just that she's such an amazing knitter and blogger and writer and I am SURE we could be bestest friends if she just got to know me...( oh jeez...did I type that out loud? So Pathetic I know). Anyway, I blathered about needing a camera and then ran to catch up to her before she got far. I interrupted her brisk pace and asked politely if she would mind a picture, pretty please. She kinda sized me up, sighed, looked at her watch and barked jovially something like " Can you make it snappy, I'm yarn shoppin' here!". Eager to please, I turned to my photographer and found that I didn't have one (despite two people assuring me of their assistance)!

Well...I did what any star struck highly strung knitter would do and SCREAMED for Kadi to "hurry up before she get's away!!!" You have to understand!!! It was a very busy, noisy place and a polite cry would NOT have been noticed at all and Harlot was IN A HURRY, man!!! Kadi and Stephanie both leapt out of their skins at my shriek, then Stephanie dissolved into laughter and Kadi ran to my assistance, camera ready. I confessed to La Harlot in an aside, as we prepared our pose, that I had forgotten my own name when she signed my book at the book signing/talk in Halifax last year, then we smiled for the camera. I thanked her profusely, and she made her escape...I mean..continued yarn shopping. My friends were all laughing at me for being such a freakshow but I was SO HAPPY!! The sun shone brighter, the sheep smelled sheepier, and all was wonderful in the realms of knitters beacuse I had gotten a picture with Stephanie Pearl-Macphee AND made HER laugh!!! Sweet.

Sunday I bought her latest book and presented it for signing with an apology for the heart failure I may have caused the day before. She was totally cool and said she'd recovered in no time and all was well. See? THIS is why she's so great. The poor woman was exhausted from her book tour, possibly caffeine deficient, yarn/wool shopping with her friend, and she STILL took the time out to pose with a crazed fan. This is why she rocks.

We could totally be besties...I'd bring her coffee and everything.... ;oP


Suldog said...

That is such a sweet photo of you and Emily! Awwwwwwwww! Really - it's neat!

Tara said...

OK, you have to understand something people. Alison is LOUD. And if SHE sayd she kicked it up a notch, there's no telling just how loud she actually got.

Sweet picture of you and the sheep. Tell me, is there ANY creature you can't get to like you???

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Best post ever, dahrlin'! You funny! Of course you made the Harlot laugh!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I noticed even the Harlot is taller than you! But not Emily... HEHEHHEH

K. said...

mea culpa I'll put the rest on a cd.

inukshuk71 said...

That's so funny!!! I could just see it (and hear it) as I read it. I have to get one of her books and see just why everyone is so mad about this lady ;-)

AliP said...

Jim: Thanks, Sully!
Tara: F%$# off, you toad!LOL
Barbara: Yes I'm eve shorter than the teeny tiny Yarn Harlot...but I am WIDER!
Kadi: No prob babe. Hope you didn't mind the theft. ;oP
Audrey: Even just reading her blog is to love her. You can borrow my new (SIGNED!!!)book when I'm done.