Monday, October 20, 2008


I ran into the notorious Kate Gilbert several times and then she finally caught on..I mean..conjectured.. that I was stalking her. I got a severe tongue lashing at this pottery/sock yarn/jewellery booth and then she striked a pose. (she was actually stalking ME. Really!!!!! Stop laughing now...)
As me and my posse were leaving, who did my wondering eyes spy but THE Jillian Moreno. She heard me as I gasped out her name and Kadi and I had a bad case od star struckness. Look at that hair! That smile!!!! Go buy her books STAT!


Suldog said...

I wish I knew these people - they look very friendly - but I don't. However, I definitely wish to give the kitty a treat, so here's my comment!

bev said...

Great pics! Had a blast and am working on the mittens now! Thanks for the quicky lesson.
Rhinebeck - Great time!!!!

AliP said...

Miss Kitty sends her thanks Jim. She loves her "Greenies" treats!!!

Bev: Was great to meet you Saturday night at the Ravelry party!