Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures...take #2

What we have in this selection of pictures:
My posse of the weekend Janet, Kadi, and Elizabeth ( ). We travelled and bunked and shared in the highs and lows of that which is the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival. What am I talking about "lows"? There were NONE! We were "high" all weekend !!!! Wait...thats not how is sounds!!
Also photographed were the notorious group of Deeawn, Veronik, and Alison (all of Montreal Knits infamy). They were up to no good can't you tell? No? Well, I could.
AND did you know I have a winery? Me neither. I was all for going and demanding free wine since they are using MY name but the girls wouldn't let me because the yarn was waiting.

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kate-the-enabler said...

Ha! We saw the winery sign on the way in too and thought of you :)
Great pics (and I still think that's an awesome green on you)
Kate (the enabling one)