Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night I began to feel icky. Despite my regimen of zinc lozenges and Vitamin C I still feel a bit icky. It is the dreaded FIRST COLD OF THE SEASON and I blame Hman. He came down with ickyness Tuesday and began combatting it with the much revered Cold F/X. (That stuff TOTALLY works if you take it right at the start of a cold virus. BAM..cold is gone.)
Therefore, he had time to pass the icky on to me after I got home Sunday night and on Monday, add 3 days for incubation and Voila I has Ickyness. Will be getting some Cold F/X for sure because I hate to be sick when I have so much to do and stuff. Although....maybe more zinc and C will work? And fluids... Its still at the scratchy throat and threat of sinus congestion has not progressed.. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman guide me!
Thrum mittens...will finish Ben's last thumb today despite the beggings to finish last night. Was too tired and the Ickyness was starting.
Question: Would one skein of Lamb's Pride make a man sized pair of mittens? I have a skein of royal blue that would be great for my dad's mitts and mohair is nice and durable. What thinkest thou, oh friends?


bev said...

My answer to the Lamb's Pride is - I dunno. Leaning towards just a hair to little. Hate to be a nay-sayer, but what has it 190 yards? What is the color name? I may have a bit in my stash that you could lay claim to. Hope you start feeling better. Illness is for the birds!

AliP said...

You are right I am thinking. But I did make a medium child sized pair of Intant Mittens with one skein (yarn was doubled).
Dad may end up with black or cream because I have bigger skeins of those. I could go with loudly coloured roving then! LOL

kate-the-enabler said...

Oh NO! I hates the first cold of the season (of course, we're on cold 4? at this point...lucky toddler parents us... :) ) - I hope all the vitamins etc kick it out of your system pronto.
(and I love the sound of the really colourful roving too)

Tara said...

I guess it depends on how big his hands are? Or you could do a stripe at the cuffs.

(Today's word verification is Bawbeast. LOL!!!)