Thursday, October 09, 2008

A day of hamster brain....

I am struck down with hamster brain today. I am pulled in fifty directions and can't settle on one.
Knitting: I started an Instant Mitten last night and am discontented. Its not 'blue' enough to be girly. Audrey thinks I'm nuts I'm sure but a girly blue is usually, non? This is a lovely greyish blue but just doesn't scream girly especially when paired with a blue/brown variegated.
I printed off 4 hat patterns this we see a new trend starting? All were colour work (aka fair isle or stranded). The Modern Selbu beret! Halloween kitty hat! Those two Noro based ones that I forget the name of but damn they was fine lookin' winter hats....Hman might even get one (the 'argyle' one) as a xmas gift but modified to include earflaps and a possible liner and speaking of liners what about the Helmet Liner pattern for soldiers? That would make an excellent ski helmet liner in a lighter weight silk blend....
Should I knit like crazy and maybe finish my sweater in a week OR do xmas presents? The draw to finishing in a week is that I could take it to Rhinebeck next weekend. If I am able to finish it in a week.
Also, Annie, if you hear of this...I'd REALLY like a written pattern for those handwarmers Marie-Michelle was wearing last night...oooh la la.
I really gotta stay off of Ravelry first thing in the day or that day is toast.

My screens need cleaning, and I need to do a SERIOUS cleansing of the windows to remove all mildewy gunkiness caused by condensation since the last time I attacked the windows with bleach and an old tooth brush.
Kitchen really should be squared away.
Vacuuming is always a plus.
Folding tha ONE load of laundry would be cool, before it turns to 6 loads of unfolded clean laundry.
Doesn't fresh clean laundry smell great, btw? Just sayin'....
Cameron's room is still waiting for paint, the colour of which was picked out 3 months ago.
The aquarium is very gross...why won't that #$^%ing fish just die already!!!?
There is much much more that could be said but these are the most pressing concerns. How does my sister DO IT??? Where does the drive to actually make and keep the house presentable come from?? I think its skipped me. I love a tidy house like nobody's business but the actual gumption to do it? ugh......
I think I need to compose a list.

ETA: Anny's handwarmer pattern :

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