Friday, October 10, 2008

Gibraltar in Pics for Suldog

These are for you, Jim!! :oD

We have here the view of Gibraltar as we approached from Spain.
The Gibraltar beer, brewed with Gibraltar hops but not brewed ON Gibraltar, was a big beer and very very good. I peeled the label off mine as a keepsake.
A sleepy Macaque...aaaaawww. Note how this one's eyelids are pale blue! The only ones I noticed like this and there were a lot of sleepy Macaques there.
The Moorish Castle was really cool as was St Michael's Cave. That was AMAZING. This huge cavern with all the naturally occuring rock formations, was probably mythic in early humanity's eyes. There were remains found in the cave that date to the same era as those from the Neander Valley. Of course, later, Modern Man just had to turn it into a theater, of all things. Weddings and musical events have been held in this cavern.
I have other pictures of Gibraltar (mostly Macaques and the view from up there)but these seemed to some it up best.


Suldog said...

Thanks! I told you I had ancestors from Gibraltar. I think that macaque and I may be related :-)

Tara said...

Wow, awesome pics. I'd love to visit those caverns some day.

One week 'til Rhinebeck, girlfriend! Woot!!!

Emma said...

Oh, can you imagine a candle-lit wedding in those caverns?! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

MaiCarInMtl said...

Hey Alison,

I am so glad you seemed to have so much fun on your trip!!!

Will you be in on Wednesday at Java U? If so, bring lots of pictures!! I live vicariously through other people's travels.