Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just me and my ice cream tonight....

What a day! I worked (Yay!) but at the end of the work day, my wallet was missing. (waaaah) Luckily, I have no credit cards so its mainly a pain in the ass and sadness because it was my new Parisian wallet.
So my happy happy busy day was tarnished and dented by the loss of my wallet. If it turns up I will be very very pleased.
Also, it is election day in Canada. My party leader did not kick the ass of her competitor in my home town riding and I am very sad. She came in SECOND though and thats awesome considering. Take that , Peter!! Stupid head. My mom says not to tell Dad how she voted and if you know them then you now know how she voted so "Shhhh!" don't tell Da! ;op
Ben is trying to understand why the party Mommy and Daddy voted for isn't even showing up on the screen as winning a seat. There are TWO Independents so far but no Green seats. sigh.
Harper is winning. Actually gaining in seats from last time. Why, Gods, WHHHHYYYY!?

I need more Turtles ice cream...........

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