Wednesday, November 29, 2006


NOT COLD today. hahahaha
So, I says to the man last night I says" Whats your schedule like Wednesday, sweetie?" and he gets the deer in the headlights looks that says "Oh shit she wanted to get out and I'm totally booked up" and said"Not good, dear. Why? " so I says"Well there is a stitch n' bitch Wednesday night and I was hoping you could be home by 6 so's I could go" to which he replies, loudly"Why didn't you tell me sooner I wouldn't have accepted this invitation to a gala this afternoon!?" to which I replied"Well aren't we all fancy schmancy". Tis the season for charity galas and stuffs for PR purposes. Also, i didn't ask sooner because I didn't know the timing sooner.
So no stitch n bitch for me. Thats ok. There will be others. But I had casted on two slippers to work on in tandem just for this evenings doings at the Second Cup on Monkland. But its ok. I will continue to be tied down to this house for another day or so until we go out for a greek dinner and to the Montreal show of Vinyl Cafe at Place Des Arts with Bruno and Antonella Friday night. I can wait. Barely.
That is all.


Scrappytbear said...

I always get more done at home anyway ;) Enjoy home!

Whaledancer said...

Yes, but what I get DONE at home is house work. I just need to have other Anglo adults to speak with on occasion. Someone who doesn't use the words Pokemon or Yugi-O in every other sentence.;oP