Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am no longer in the bottom depths of the dumps. maybe it was that flu that just knocked me so far down but since Tuesday I have a better energy level, and improved outlook on the 'verse. Thanks to all my pals that cared enough to offer encouragement. You all rock the rockin'est rock there is to rock. And thats saying something.
I have a couple of Halloween photos to post and also we brought home a new addition to our family yesterday. Blogger has been very irritating with my photos..GRRR. I will try yet again today.
Thanks bunch to Aurora and Suldog for their comforting comments about our Freckles. This place is so wierd without her. Its less snuggly thats for sure. Maybe the new kitten will be a cuddler. So far so good..except for the kitten poo everywhere and his current stint in the brig (downstairs bathroom) with the litter box. May he figure it out quickly!! Thank you to Scrappy The Bear my amazing veterinarian niece for the advice. Aurora, you would totally become BFFs with her because she is a phenomenal animal person, scrapbooker, stamper, phototaking type person. Very crafty that way. Her new blog is She Said, She Said and its listed over on the side. Great photos. I am so not gifted in that way.
So, things are better though kitten poopy and photos WILL be forthcoming because you cannot miss Blossom The Amazing Hula Dog. You just can't.

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