Tuesday, November 28, 2006


And its frigging nippy. We had a sifting of snow last night and the front steps had some iciness. Waiting for the bus with the boys this morning was frigid and the bus was late. Wouldn't be so bad if I got DRESSED but no, I am a jammie mommy. Slide on shoes and a coat and stand out in the articness with bare ankles. When will I mend my foolish ways??!
Ok..so the hats are done. Complaints abound in the form of that they are a bitt too big. Oh well. Cammie still wants fleece in his (yes, fleece...) so on payday I'll get some fleece and attempt a lining.
Now I am working on Annika's neck warmer. I am skipping my last two French classes because the final exam is during one of them and really, why should I bother? We all know I am not going to pass, so essentially, level two is done for me. More knitting time! AND ...I gotta see Grey's Anatomy Thursday..ooooohhhhh..are Burke and Christina finito for goodo?? Muts watch and find out. So help me if its a rerun I will flippo.
Also, the knit meet Sunday was a bust for me and a few others. I waited for about an hour once I got there. A) I will NOT be listening to Richard again the his work is "close" to where I was going. Yeah...like the moon is "close" to the earth. So a 10-15 minute walk made me later than anticipated and I missed those that had shown and saw noone and left. There is a knit night this week. I'll see how it fits in.
8 days to leaving for NS. Woohoo. Itinerary:
-Leave late-ish Wednesday night after Richard's cocktail engagement. Sleep in Q.City.
- Richard sees clients Thursday morning in Quebec City and then we hit the road baby! Arrival is estimated at really really late Thursday night. Love you Julie! She is our hotel for the weekend.
-Friday...I must renew my license and we will visit and shop. Whhheeeeeee!
Night time will mean lotsa wine etc. as we settle into Julie's place a reeeeeellllllaaaaaaaxxxx. Love you Julie,
- Saturday: nurse any hangovery type ailments with sitting around slurping coffee in Jammies OR do stuff. What stuff? No idea.
Saturday night; Family do at my sister's place in the Annapolis Valley.
- Sunday: repeat of Saturday's doing minus party and with visiting maybe involved.
Monday : Leave NS very early to come back. If I can't find a hiding place that they can't drag me out of to force me into the car. We shall see.
Right this very moment I have a blob of warm, furry, kitteness on my lap. He only really likes this when I am on the computer. How cute is this. My lap is finally warm after the whole frigid bus thing. Thank you Monkey! My widdle kitten angel. He will have his firsty vet visit in December. He's been growing a bit and we have all his litter issues and food issues addressed. Since our surprise brakes repair we couldn't take him this month so December its time for needles etc. Poor baby. He will be an indoor cat (we hope) now that we live in a town setting. He keeps trying to make a break for the open doors though so we have to be vigilant. The chances of imminent death any second by logging trucks and wildlife are much reduced by living in town and indoors so we want to take the precautions we didn't with the girls and keep him healthy and happy. I know...the logic escapes those that vet their cats regularly..but we just didn't. Plus the vet we used to go to for spaying etc didn't push vaccinations since he was a kinda holistic therapies guy. So there you go. It was a choice and we made it. Plus we were very poor and had babies in diapers to pay for. Now we can afford better care.
Hmmm...lets see... Mom and dad still have the rodent. I'm still jibbering helplessly when the subject comes up, such is my horror. Speaking of rodents: Flash left a present on the back step this morning..a mouse head. She may be a psycho but by gum that girl can hunt.Ben and I praised her skills mightily with much pettings until she seemed like she was gonna turn on us at which point we left her alone. She's a moody girl.
So..must make chickeny soup since the microwave and my chicken had a difference of opinion as to what they were doing yesterday (it was set for thawing but it dang well near cooked the chicken..so we had steak instead and rather than throw the bird out I threw it in a pot). Also vacuuming would be good since Joyce is coming for the night. She better not talk through House tonight is all I an say. She will get a warning before hand and I WILL have the duct tape handy. I mean it.

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