Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photo loading attempt # 6 jillion and 3

The new guy. So far his name is Monkey because of his enormous thumbs giving him the appearance of monkey feet. Plus he is very very very busy and curious like a monkey. "C'mere you little monkey." is whats said most to him. Thats and " You **&#$% on the floor AGAIN!!??" "Use the #$%^ litter box, pleeeeeease!"

Yugi and Jason, best friends! Or ARE THEY???

Blossom The Amazing Hula Dog! Speak to her and she wags... I mean, HULAS like a crazed hula doll.


Tigerlily said...

Adorable! Of course, we chose our cats name to finally be Merigold, but really it should be SPAZZZZZZ. She's all over the house, climbing curtains, zooming over beds from window to window. And then she naps for the other 22 hours of the day :P LOL. Gotta love them.

Hantra said...

That's just toooooo cute!!! I love the HULA dog! The new addition is beautiful!