Sunday, November 05, 2006


It was not a lovely day but a nice day nonetheless. Little productivity beyond some laundry and R fixing the bumper on the Echo that HE damaged last night. Other than that it was lazing about all the live long day. Oh and playing with Monkey of course.
Aaaaah the Saga of Poor Monkey. I have never had a kitten that didn't get the concept of a litter box on a regular basis, and I have had a lot of kittens in my 38ish years. As a result of his inexperience we have been keeping him in Kitten Jail also known as the bathroom. He has a basket and an antique wool crib blankie (that came from Scotland in 1950 according to my 56 yrs antique??) for his snoozing pleasure and use them he does! He has a doorknob mouse toy, water, food, litter box, a catnip sock and a catnip crinkly toy. He meows ALOT when we cuddle him. In complaint? Or seeking comfort? Sharing his thoughts on the'verse as he knows it? Also frantically meows when wanting food..because he kinda forgets where it is. Right now he is nestled in on my shoulder watching my fingers type, purring softly. How can we not love him even with his toilet problems???!
Friday night had R and I shopping andgoing to see a movie sans enfants. Long overdue outing. We hit Toys R Us for some xmas stuff. What a horrid store. Ladders everywhere, crying toddlers, lack of cool action figures. Seriously!!!! What is the big whoop?? Never again. We hunted at a few other stores in the Carrefour Laval for Gameboy games and DVDs. Cameron wants Pokemon Sapphire for his birthday.
The movie we saw was The Prestige. Oh my. Soooo good. Nary an explosion nor alien nor animated animal in sight and such a good story! I LOVED it. Richard said it wasn't bad. This from the man who loves Underworld. It boggles the mind. If you enjoy a good tale with twists, this is for you. I give it 4 stars out of 5 for a grown up drama that takes place in the late 18800's early 1900's. I'd totally see it again.
Saturday...hmmm..whatd we do..More nuthin'. I went looking for xmas gifts for Richard but Damn! that Bionic Wrench gizmo is pricey!! The version that was on sale last week was nowhere to be seen. Only pack of 2 sizes and the big one were there, at $59 and $39. Oy. I will get him the new Evanesence later and some Star gate dvds. Thought that wrench would be cool though.
Tomorrow is Monday and my shift at the MPRC desk. I will make it this week. Also Value Village has their 50% sale tomorrow and I printed off addresses to find a couple of them. Hahahahahaha. Yes...value shopping ON SALE. Bargain hunting will ensue.

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