Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let The Crazy...COMMENCE!

I was chatting with my mom on the phone this morning. Oh..My..Gods.......... I had to then call my friend Marla to talk me down. Thank you, Marla. Without you I may have ended up running through the neighborhood in my PJ's jibbering like and idiot.
My parents' house is amazingly cluttered. Stuff abounds. USELESS stuff as well as less useless stuff. Entry to their home results in my having to control claustrophobia and hyperventilation. They are seniors I should add and Dad used to battle the clutter but now he adds to it.
Awhile back, they had a mouse. The first mouse they ever had (amazingly!!). They found out about said mouse because my grandmother's dining room table (massive I might add) is loaded down with things that would be better of in a pantry cupboard...bags and packages of candy and cookies and chips( my brother's step grand-daughter calls the dining room "The Candy Room") and , of course, STUFF.... and they heard rustling in the table area and found gnawed things on the table etc. Trap was set, mousie was caught. Did they change their cluttered and poor food storage ways? NO.
Chatting this morning I hear a new tale: Dad had a container og chocolate covered almonds and after refilling his candy dish, replaced the lid. Then the next day, lid is off and remaining almonds GONE. The verdict? They think they may have a squirrel holed up in the house somewhere. *blink blink*
My greatest fear?? That I will become these people......

jibberjibberjibber runrunrunjibberjibberjibberrunrunrunjibberjibberjibber

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