Wednesday, November 15, 2006


At least once a week I get bounce notification. I end up not getting messages or having my messages not delivered. It is seriously pissing me off. Why do they do that????!
Ya hear me Yahoo???! Yer pissin' me off! Quit it! I'll sic Naomi Campbell on your ass.
I mean business.
Also, burnt my feet tonight by taking a hot broiler out of the oven. The grease and liquid in the bottom portion slopped out on the oven door, floor , and my feet.
Ouch. Much screeching and cursing ensued.
Tried to shop today. it sucked. Looked at MP3 players at Future Shop (for Richard) and got confused and headachey. Also looked for Battlestar Gallactica season 2 and 2.5. None in stock. Pokemon Sapphire(for Cameron's birthday), none in stock. Did get the new Evanesence and Stargate SG1 Season One. Priced PSP...almost passed out. Yay me.
Went to Walmart even though it annoyed me. Got a $10 bra I like and they had black microfiber tights in my 2 pair. Looked at PSP..almost passed out. No Pokemon Sapphire. No Pokemon card collections in a can like last year. No Yugi-Oh either.
Went to EB Games...was told Pokemon Sapphire is discontinued. Great. Somene else can tell Cameron because he has been asking for it for a year and we couldn't find it then either. FUCK.
I think I'll start hiding out in my closet with a tub of ice cream.


NightDemons said...

Pokemon Sapphire is available on - just an idea!

Whaledancer said...

ooh..thanks. I'll check there.