Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still Tuesday

And who'da thunk it, I'm a knob. I accidentally posted that entryless header much earlier today but then got distracted (ooh cookies) and forgot to go back and fix it. duh.
Ok...more reasons I'm a knob: Got so wrapped up in the Ashley Judd segment of The View today, and almost forgot to get the kids at school for lunch. Bad parenting. No more View for me.
Went to French class (also known as the French Method Of Psychological Torture 101 at Concordia's Continuing Ed) and discovered I am still not fluent. C'mon!!!!! Its been, like, 8 classes already and I actually attended some of them..what do I have to do to learn this stupid overly conjugated so called language. ARGH..what? study...? You're kidding right?
I can no longer blame my abyssimal (ok..I've tried this word 3 times..this ones staying even if its wrong) GPA from 1992 on work and liquor. Turns out, I'm lazy. WHO KNEW? (Mom, put your hand down!)
Now that I have photo capability (finally capable of putting digi photos on my computer) I will be A) taking more photos and B) posting said photos C) as soon as I remember to buy batteries for the camera. Oh..and this part isn't a part of why I'm a knob..
Or is it?
No more Diet Coke for me after 5 pm!! I'm wired!

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