Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Rainy rainy Tuesday. Yuck.
Made it to Maxi to get dish washing powder and whilst there grabbed som laundry liquid too. I'm not out but don't have lots and DO have quite a bit of laundry to be done. Will it get done? Aaaahhh..that is an interesting question....
Cameron has been dealing with some bully problems at school. A little dickhead named Samuel, formerly a good pal, has been annoying Cameron, calling him names, and even physically hurting him. Cameron is almost double this childs size so its not because Cammie is smaller and a good target. But he is a kid who has been taught that hitting is not nice. He gets so confused about this because we have also been trying to teach him that its ok to defend himself.
I personally think he should take Samuel out back and pound the snot outta him. When he kicked Cam after school last Thursday I did call his mom but she wasn't yet home from work. Since I had class I told Richard to try again later because it had to be dealt with. Of course he forgot because we had company and there was wine. Friday was a much better day for Cammie as was yesterday but today Samuel has been antagonising Cameron again. Guaranteed that if Cameron retaliates he'll be the one in trouble because its the Law of Being The Victim...and happened before in an unrelated incident.
Benoit seems to be handling his new dosage of Concerta well. No zombie child, no weird behavior, no side effcts noticeable EXCEPT that today he got 3 (THREE) billets Bravo for excellent examens. Woo hoo!!! He says he feels like he is learning more and he says he feels like he is paying more attention in class. We'd had some issues this fall with him being distracted and forgetful and thought perhaps it was time to change his dosage after almost 2 yrs. HIs doctor agreed. The idea was to give it a try and if there were any problems detected we'd switch him right back. The Best Concerta related side effects of all? His self esteem. No longer last in everything and quite so prone to tantrums due to overwhelming frustration. No longer the bane of his tearchers's existance for the amount of extra "help" he requires. No longer the distraction and disturbance of the class room requiring many parent teacher meeting and notes. In short, he has a happier and more fulfilling school and life experience. For the last almost two years.
Hmmmm... what else...
Richard and I have been discussing an idea that is at once ridiculous and at the same time tempting. NO..not another child. I hesitate to bring it up because it might make us look stupid having gone this route before and not been financially successful at it.(are you NUTs?? my mother, sisters, brothers, would say) The subject has come up between us a couple of times and then been dismissed quickly as memories of disaster come to the rescue. This time the idea keeps tickling but I am partially hoping it goes away...FEAR. It is scary to consider but at the same time exhilerating. Possibilities beckon but so does upheaval and change and we all know how good I am with that! If any more discussion comes up I will note it here and clarify what it is if it looks like we might lose our minds and go for it.
Since I am skipping class tonight I may just treat myself to a wee nappy-poo on the sofa after a trip to Dollarama for Tennis balls. Camerons bed is horribly loud and we have figured its the ladder scraping on the floor. Did I mention this before?? I went to Dollarama this AM but it was still closed. After lunch hour, its tennis balls and a nap. yes!

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