Saturday, November 25, 2006


Its Saturday! I slept in until about 9ish. Aaaaaaaaahhh. Good stuff. Ben is at his theatre class and we found out this morning his play is the same weekend we are in NS. Oopsy.
I am working on Heather's neckwarmer right now. Its in fiery orange shades paired with a red yarn to bulk it up a bit. Cameron's earflap toque is about a 3rd done.
The problem with all this knittiness is that my house is not very tidy. Pretty hard to knit and clean house. Also, I wish I had some books on CD to listen to while I'm knitting. Radio and music cds get boring. I've relistened to my Vinyl Cafe cds and that was nice to work to. So I've got some laundry going and I've vacuumed. That helps the messiness.
Tomorrow is Montreal Knits from 1-4. I am so happy to be getting out among english speaking folk. sigh. I've warned Richard that I will be incommunicato all afternoon tomorrow. He's very supportive of this outing, especially since he's been gone since Thursday morning at this conference he's been at. He might get home this afternoon. He managed to have some fun while he's been in the city so the conference hasn't been totally about work. He really needs a regular thing with guys. Like a regular poker night or whatever ...not work..not family. Something just for HIM. We spoke of it and he might ask his guy friends if they are interested...except his guy friends are from work...LOL Oh well.

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