Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chores For Pay

In the world of parenting you eventually get to the point/ages where the rug rats are fully capable of doing things on tehir own. At this point, with some preparation and encouragement, chore charts were introduced to my family. They worked for a little while but then novelty wore off and I became forgetful about pay and replacing full charts. Now that school is out and the childrens are currently unemployed, per se, I have come up with a new system of Chores For Pay designed to keep bored and broke children busy and less work for me. Genius non?.
Listed on a fairly short list are things like Wiping Down The Bathroom. I love Lysol disinfecting wipes....very UNgreen of me I know but they are fast, easy, and kill germs. Wiping down the bathroom includes wiping out the sink, the counters, the taps and the toilet area. Since they are the ones who miss I think they should take responsibility for it. This job, which I hate, is worth 50 cents.
Putting Away Laundry is worth 50 cents a basket.
Cleaning the Yard (which is code for cleaning up dog poo) is worth a whole buck.
Vacuuming an entire level of the house is worth 25 cents because lets face it, the vacuum cleaner does all the work on this one but having fewer things stick to my bare feet is valuable to me. Plus with the pet hair issues in this house it is a job that needs doing frequently.
Cleaning Up Bedroom including making beds and vacuuming is worth 50 cents because they rarely do it.
Garbage Duty 25 cents. Recycling also 25 cents. The theory is that maybe they will notice when trashes need emptying instead of just piling more in until it over flows.
I think its a pretty good plan so far though the kids have only done a few of the chores despite frequent reminders like "Gee...wonder what chores on the list need doing TODAY?" However I did mention the addition of Yard Cleaning for a dollar and Cameron jumped at it. And he's the LAZY one!!!!! Swweeeet.
If you tried this method of getting kids to do work around the home, what would you have on the list? Dishes don't work here as a chore because we mostly use the dishwasher and the kids can't reach some of the cupboards and I dislike broken dishes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


After Cameron telling me all week that daddy was taking him to the Rodger's Cup today I finally thought to ask Hman about it. "What time are you two leaving tomorrow?" I asked last night. He had no idea what I was referring to. I filled him in. Turns out the Rodger's Cup is later in July. This is why 9 year olds are not reliable sources of information or agenda keeping.
Its a good thing that they weren't sitting out watching major tennis matches because its been raining pretty much the whole day. Holy humidity, Batman! There are parts of the house that are getting decidely funky smelling from the heavy doses of moisture we've been having lately : ie the living room has a distinct dog like aroma thanks to, of course, the DOG. The basement has been a bone of contention since we moved in. While not a disgustingly damp icky place, it is damper than I'd like. Just right for mild cases of mildew. This is not a plus in a family room area where we tend to spend a lot of time. For 3 years I have been saying 'Need a Dehumidifier..." to be answered with the "Yeah yeah...." of the over burdened man of the house (snicker). Today I got my way!!!!!!!!!!!
There was no tantrumming....there was no pushing....there was no threatening of dire mildewy consequences.. I just said that it would be a good day to head to Sears and he said "OK!!!" GASP!
~~Digression: While there I totally got some new summer tshirts which were a point of wardrobe desperation at this point. The old ones were all either stained or too tight/short. It was becoming difficult to dress myself to leave the house. ~~
We are the proud operators of a Kenmore digital dehumidifier (with Energy Star sticker) now and I foresee the family room becomming a much less sticky/smelly place to hang out. Relative humidity is already down by 10%!!! Sweet. I thinks I'm in luuuuuv.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heh heh but true 2

Heh heh but true

more cat pictures

Monday, June 23, 2008


I had a great idea this morning after much coffee and 3 hands of Uno with Ben.
Ben loves Uno. He gets me to play as often as I can tolerate but as games go, its one I enjoy. Now that its summer and days are lazy without lots of structure, the Uno will be played even more and thus the seed of a plan was planted.
The Family Summer Uno Championship! I will make up a chart for us to put in our points for the whole summer from every game we play this summer and at the end of the summer, the highest tally determines the Uno champion.
Yes it is mildly unfair for Cameron and Hman because they so rarely want to play but oh well sucks to be them. I think I will even invest in a trophy and do this each summer until it stops.
Heh heh...victory WILL be mine...heh heh heh


"Plz 'member the bug spray if you take me out in nature,'k?"

I only fished once in my childhood and that was when a friend and her family took me along to their cottage in the New Germany area of Nova Scotia. It was down a dirt road on a idea which one. This was my first time fishing and I couldn't get enough.
Later in my early teens my sister and her husband took myself and my nephew on a few fishing outtings in Spring. That was when I got my first very own fishing rod and it was a pale blue metallic Shakespeare which was very pretty and I loved it so. That rod was lost when I went fishing with a friend's boyfriend for my first fishing from a canoe. The rod got left in his trunk and I ne'er saw it again. It had a lot of sentimental value for me so I was VERY BITTER. You know how attached I get to my presciousses especially if they are A) shiny or B) yarny.
My next fishing excursions were with my country girlfriend Edith. I would wait anxiously for Hman to get home from work, foist the small kids into his hands and say "SEE YA!" throwing my limited gear into the back of her truck and ruunning away from my frustrations. We would suck on gobstoppers, talk and come home with junk fish ( bullnose, yellow perch) to put in the gardens (under roses or tomato plants. Excellent fertiliser). Sometimes I ACTUALLY crawled out of bed in the very early to fish in the lake behind the house. Saw a beaver one time! mackeral fishing off the docks of Mahone Bay and Indian Point were wicked good fun too. I actually caught things then.
Then the kids got older and E got busier, divorcing etc,and we had our business, and the fishing didn't happen so much. I missed it desperately. Then we moved here.
Quebec has AWESOME fishing and I have not been once. In the 3 years I have been here not once. We went ice fishing on vacation BEFORE the boys and I moved here but that its and may I say HELL YES I did enjoy the ice fishing. I hooked them and then pretended to be tired and passed the rod to a kid to discover he had a bite and reel it in. this is how they get addicted see? So when they are older I will have fishing buddies to suck Gobstoppers and chat with. I digress.
So while my life has not been FILLED with fishing I do enjoy it quite a bit. I like the peace that comes with the boredom of not catching anything, taking the time to admire nature and let my mind wander. I also love paddling for its quiet and reflective qualities and if Hman fulfills his promise of a kayak ( we had a canoe but we find them uncomfortable and tippy)I will be very happy. Can you fish from a kayak I wonder?? Yes I was never a huge catcher of fish BUT when I do catch them I am so happy and excited it makes it all worth while. Hman has never loved fishing like me because as I may have mentioned he NEVER catches anything and has been known to jinx a whole excursion groups prospects (In Hawaii). this weeekend seems to have broken his curse and now he is willing to book us a weekend at a fishing camp. SWEET!!!! This is the place he wants to go to because we can take Blossom with us. He doesn't know of any places where you can just go and fish from shore etc to kill a couple hours and whiolewe can fish Lac Deux Montagne from our sail boat, the sailing part makes it tricky. "I wanna fish!" "No we are sailing!!" See what I mean? Anyways, my bitching that we never do the things I want to do (paddling, hiking, fishing) has paid off big time. Now...if only they have a weekend free for us. Hoping....hoping.....

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday I and my pal Dana took the guys to see Kung Fu Panda. It was great. Lots of fun!
Today Hman got home earlier than planned form his business fishing trip. He ACTUALLY CAUGHT FISH!!!!!! If there are any unexplained psychic and meteorological phenomena in this province, this would be why.
He called on the way home because he got my message about Ben's injury. The principal was supoosed to call me about it Friday afternoon and didn't so he is going to try the school tomorrow and talk to the vice who is the NEW principal. I foresee a change in our school with him at the helm instead of the Ice Queen. He's actually on the ball and CARES about the kids. Ice Queen stormed around on her stilettos and was an absolute beotch whenever you tried to discuss ANYTHING with her. I think the kid Francis was sent to a school counsellor or something for a time out for hurting Ben. Now, I have to say Ben is not a total angel in these happenings BUT this other kid just dogs him almost daily. Ben tries to keep away from him and tell him to leave him alone but francis just DOESN'T. It usually starts as teasing.."joking around"...but with Ben and his issues etc it usually escalates to fighting even though he tries (in his way) to keep his cool and avoid the whole thing. THIS is why we are pissed off. This other kid comes looking for the "fun" of agitating the problem child. Well this time, from what I understand, his actions scared him. I don't think he's ever caused an injury that drew blood and we know even minor head injuries bleed like a bastard. I hope he has a turn of heart about antagonising other kids after this. Hman wants to make sure they aren't in the same class next year and that ANY problems with Francis next year will not be tolerated at all by this family. he also wants to make sure the parents are aware of their brats hobbies. The vice principal and principal (Ice Queen) were aware of the problem all year from the beginning and not enough was done to diffuse the explosive problem. There was a change in teachers and the situation was not handled properly because the newbies didn't realise the history. They saw a bit of teasing and Ben overreacting. Anyways, Hman was way po'ed at the whole Friday incident and will deal with it en francaise ASAP.
The UP side to his being away on a fishing trip is that he will finally take us all for a weekend fishing trip here in la belle province. I am stoked. I have no idea when it'll happen but I am still stoked. I do enjoy me some fishing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Too late

School called me to come get Ben because of an "accident". A Francis originating accident which has left Ben with a hole in the side of his head from the corner of a cabinet connecting with said head.
Urge to kill is very high.....

Friday..THE DAY

Its the last day of school in this house....Ho! Hey!
The boys are pretty glad but sad too. Gonna miss their peeps I guess although I will not miss hearing about that F$%^ing Francis Whasisname picking on Ben for 2 whole months. Little as**ole.
Our celebratory plans include but are not limited to: KFC or McDonalds or Pizza Hut (gag) for supper tonight, new shorts!, new tshirts, gonna go see Kung Fu Panda tomorrow..
While shopping for said shorts and tshirts at The Children's Place because Cameron out grows everything OR destroys it, I also stopped in at HMV and a yarn store. At HMV I got Hman the new Coldplay CD because I didn't get it for him for Father's day and I got me the Katy Perry CD. Excellent. At the yarn store I only got ONE skein of wool because of the yarn diet but this was Alafoss Lopi at 25% off and I needed more for the future felted rug made with, you guessed it, Alafoss Lopi. I think I need 3 more colours and I'll have enough. I think...should double check that.
Yesterday I casted on a mitten....I knit and knit and started a double knit pattern iafter the ribbed writs and got half way through said double knit pattern when I decided it didn't look right and ripped it ALL out. Dude, thats like 4 inches of knitting (ribbing, increases, AND intarsia/fair isle/stranded/ choose your term ) my hands are sore today especially the left because I only use it alot when doing stranded knitting in the round.(I can't purl left handed) For a slowish knitter like me that ws a long time of knit.
Today I casted it back on again but in reverse order of the colours and I am adding stripes to the cuff. I didn't get all that far and I'm still not sure about the colour combination but will wait until well into the stranded work again to be sure. Yarns: Paton's classic wool variegated and Lismore sheep farm in a natural light gray.
Why do I have so much trouble with mittens? Its not like its friggin' rocket science but they never turn out how I want. I rip them out all the time. Even that gorgeous Latvian style one I was working on got ripped out. siiiiiggghhhh. I think this time I will succeed though because I HAVE ripped it but still want to make it and even if its "not quite it" I will keep going. Its a 40 stitch cast on and 2x2 rib on 4mm needles for the wrist..For the hand I will switch to 5 mm needles and increase by ten...sounds huge yes? Yes because then I want to felt it down a bit to fit! Mwahahahahaaaa Double knit AND felted. Can you say "Holy Warmness, Batman! Your son will love you forever!"? I knew you could.
I'm going to go listen to Katy Perry telling me about kissing a girl and liking it while I work on this wrist ribbing. I have 40 minutes until the guys get home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 More Sleeps

School is finished on Friday. Can I get a whoop whoop? The kids are all "why do we have to gooooooo? We aren't learning anythiiiiiiiiing! Its boooooorrrriiiinnngggg!" I say you are now learning that life is not always interesting and does not always have a point. Git!!
Tonight Hman's dad is staying over and I has the stress. We all know how I'd rather take a nap than do housework so the house is dusty and cluttery as usual BUT Hman is an amazing tidier so he did a hurricane run through of clutter busting and I will follow it up with the actual cleaning of floors,disinfecting of bathrooms(ick), dusting, and fragrance enhancing. Wheeeee(not). I was saving it all up for today so that it actually LOOKS like someone does housework when his dad is here...if I did it yesterday I'd just have to do it aaaalll again. We know how we hates the redundancey...redundency...hmmm...dictionary plz?
Meanwhile I am becoming infected with the Mitten Lust. I am wanting to make mittens for this coming winter because, as you know, its F*cking cold and snowy here in winter and I have Mitten Misplacers also known as children. Seriously, they lose them all. Come summer I just throw a bunch of singles out. BUT I also am wanting to make PRETTY mittens that will have little to no appeal to the boys. Thanks to my Barb, I may have the answer...warmth and beauty for men..
I love me some free patterns. This is why I loves me the Internets.
Currently on the needles: Richard's 6 ply socks #1 is in the gusset stage, Jessie Belle Maman socks #2 in the leg stage, My wrap around shrug currently in the I am bored with it stage, Jessie's baby bootees for a friend will be done tomorrow or Friday and mailed out soon.
I think I am safe to cast on some mittens.
Spanish update: The tickets are bought...squeeee! We fly on Air France to Paris and then to Malaga. How exciting. I had travel books in my hands at Chapters the other day but just could NOT decide which one to buy. They all had excellent selling points like maps and info and they weren't all just repititions of one another. I think I need more than one for my Pre trip research on Spain, in particular the area we will be staying in. So exciting. We still feel like its a dream..US going to SPAIN!!
Gardens: weeds weeds weeds. Lottsa weeds. Blooming roses and weeds. My snap peas are non existant. The swiss chard also very sparse. The radishes are doing quite well and I see the carrots in amongst the larger radish leaves. The tomatoes are coming along as well and need some tying up. Cukes were replaced and the new plants are doing well if still small. I had some temporary insanity issues at the plant nursery and got some red pepper plants. I never have luck with peppers but Cammie loves them so I will try again. The Royal Burgundy beans seem to be doing ok this year. Last time I tried them here there wasn't enough sun in the spot I had them. Now the garden boxes are in full sun. In the herb bed/box the basil looks sickly, the cilantro is bolting, and the sage looks tiny but the dill seems happy and the parsley and lemon balm are thriving. Strawberry plants are forming berries and I hope we get them before Nature does.
Ok...that is all thats going on here. :oD

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWKIP Day...

Happy World Wide Knit In Public Day! Check out your town or city to observe knitters doing what they do in public. Down with shame of sticks and string!! It does not mean we are boring or old or mental! Well, we could be those things but the love of yarny goodness has nothing to do with THAT.
Knitting is good. TRy it.
My KIP in the Parc Lafontaine has been relocated to indoors thanks to threat of rain and thunder showers. Not good to be a knitter with metal needles (yuk) when lightning decides to strike. Anyways, I will go to Effiloche for a cozy afternoon of knit and chat.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Thanks go out to my anniversary well wishers. Its very sweet of you to take the time and send a sweet comment and I really appreciate them.
We had no plans for our anniversary because HMan had been away for 5 days and on the day of the anniversary he was having to spend time with his boss rather than me. My whole outlook was "well...whatever...its been 14 years so maybe we don't need to celebrate so much..." so I was very surprised when Hman returned Wednesday night. He presented me with a card, Godiva chocolates, and a British knitting magazine he knows I like. How sweet is that!? I felt bad because I had done all kinds of nothing in the way of gifts and cards for him. Ooops.
The card contained an invitation to go out for dinner and a movie this weekend. He's going to try and get a reservation at Chez Dodo, a French restaurant on Metcalfe, for tomorrow night. Isn't that nice?
Tomorrow is also World Wide Knit In Public day. Montreal Knits is loosely hosting a gathering in Parc Lafontaine. Basically show up and knit as a group in the parc. Some KIPs in other cities are super organised with games and prizes and celebrity attendees. Its wild!! Maybe we will get it together for next year. If it rains I'm just going to go hang with Ginette at Effiloche for the afternoon. Which is VERY hard because there is yarn for sale there and I am trying to NOT buy any yarn until Rhinebeck. I have plenty of yarn. More than I can knit up anytime soon. Some of which I regret buying..hello skein of baby blue silk for baby sunhat which I didn't knit because the pattern was too hard with non-stretchy yarn.
Having startitis issues again. The shrug is coming along slowly as are the two pairs of pair is half done and the other is at the heel flap of sock one. Now I want to start something new......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

1509- King Henry the 8th marries Catherine of Aragon.
1927- Babe Ruth hits 19 and 20 of his 60 home runs.
1966- Janos Joplin performs her first gig in San Fransico.
1978- The movie "Grease" opens.
1994- Marriage of Me and Him. Also Hell froze over. Sorry about that. :oD
14 years married, 17 years together. Wowee wee wah. It doth boggle the mind.
There are no exciting plans or plans of any other type because the boss is in town today. Stupid boss. Maybe on the weekend but I doubt it since Hman has been away and not had time to make any, Sunday is Father's Day, and Saturday I am WWKIPing.

Monday, June 09, 2008

How Much Do We Pay?

In the demand for cheap mass markerted goods, people overlook the unseen costs until they smack them in the face with a board.
Cheap plastic toys are great! OOpps! Now we know that the contain lead.
Cheaper/better cans for food are great! Ooops! Now we know they leach Bisphenol A into the "nutritious" foods they hold.
Durable cheap water bottles are great!! we know that they too leach chemicals intothe fluids they hold.
Cheap durable carpets...Ooops! Off gassing!
Affordable cashmere!!! Ooops!,1,1760776.htmlstory?coll=chi_news_custom_photos_util_2

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot and Sticky

And not the fun kind either. The weather took a complete about face and went from wet and chilly to humid and hot. It was 30 C in the shade Chez Nous and its still not exactly cool tonight. Windows upstairs are flung wide open in the hopes of evacuating the hot and replacing it with cooler night air.
Unfortunately the pool is shockingly refreshing...not exactly stay in and swim temperature but one dip'll do ya for awhile!!
The neighbor better hurry up and get his garage built so that our yard has privacy again. Its skinny dip season.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Its cloudy and not hot and we have had rain over night for which I am not complaining. Hman made it to his destination safely yesterday and I hope his weather is good today for golf etc.
Today the plan is :strip beds, wash linens, go to park to feed ducks and get a treat, maybe hit Chapters in Pointe Claire. It so sucks that to go to a Chapters I need to go so far. Plus we'll get caught in traffic so that would be a bad idea. Maybe no Chapters today. It is already mid afternoon and I'm still in my jammies....
Chatted with big sister for a bit on the phone, flipped through National Geographic's Green Guide magazine, and have imbibed some iced coffee so maybe Its time to get my ass in gear.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Musings on a Thursday Morning

It is a glorious Thursday morning Chez Nous. The sun is shining, the new fence is almost finished, the kids are at school, I have done SFA so far except indulge in iced coffee and Dreamgirls. Life is good. So why am I feeling a touch of melancholy?
Part of it is that I really really want to go home for a visit. I miss Jessie and Julie and my mom. I haven't seen my new grand nephew yet. I want to give my grand nieces and other important offsprings hugs and kisses so that they don't forget their Aunty. Unfortunately a trip home isn't in the budget financially or temporally at this moment in time. Not that Hman hasn't tried to work it out but its either a whiz-bang-no-time-to-settle-in-and-visit-for-real long weekend or we break a solemn promise to the terrors and change our vacation plans and thats just not cool. You cannot expect your children to believe in you if you break promises and this was a big one that they have been counting on so I said no to the idea of changing plans. It sucks hard to be a grown up some times.
Part of the blue is that Hman has been quite absent family wise for the last month or so. He's had business trips, client obligations on weekends, yacht club obligations etc etc etc and when he IS here, he is either exhausted and testy or busy as a bee doing his yard projects.
Yet another part is the reconnecting with old friends. It makes you look back and look hard at who you were and who they were, why people grew apart, things said or unsaid that maybe should have been said, things done or undone that could have been better, loss of years with true and wonderful friends because of fears or self esteem, forgiving yourself and others for being young and impressionable and YOUNG. Doesn't that some up the foilble of youth succinctly? There is a lot of joy but a lot of regrets as well. Holy emotional roller coaster.
And lastly, HMan is on yet another trip with another to come later in the month and I guess I just miss his annoying person. I miss us together as a family relaxing and not losing patience and these days will return with the end of school and more evening/weekends outdoors together in the yard or out and about.
There is no school tomorrow so maybe my babies and I will take a LONG bike ride to the old town and stroll the park feeding ducks have a treat from the cremerie. Saturday is fencing day and the weekend forecast is for hot so the pool may have its first action of the season. This is something to look forward to.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And now...the back yard.

And my yarn...hahahahahaha..
This is my new bird feeder post that was crooked but now is kinda straight. Yay handy me and the Hman. My raised bed potager is doing well. Lost one cucumber plant so far. The new deck area by the pool rocks with the new swing for cuddling, napping, knitting, etc...

Heh heh

more cat pictures


I could not resist the lure of my new yarn and wound it yesterday, casting on 90 stitches and commencing to knit while watching one of the worst movies I have seen in awhile Strange Wilderness.
After about 20 rows I decided the stitch pattern and the yarn were not (NOT) compatible. It was FUGLY!! Rip rip rip. Now I have 90 stitches with a seed stitch border (10) on each side and plain ol' stockingette in the middle and its VERY pleasing to me.
I just knew the world was waiting to know, and now you do.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Canape Cafe is in Pictou on Front Street, not New Glasgow. Go often, spend lots.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Boyfriend+My Girlfriend= Must See Movie

I have to see Wanted simply for the hotness. I know it makes me a shallow pathetic human being but I am okay with that.