Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday..THE DAY

Its the last day of school in this house....Ho! Hey!
The boys are pretty glad but sad too. Gonna miss their peeps I guess although I will not miss hearing about that F$%^ing Francis Whasisname picking on Ben for 2 whole months. Little as**ole.
Our celebratory plans include but are not limited to: KFC or McDonalds or Pizza Hut (gag) for supper tonight, new shorts!, new tshirts, gonna go see Kung Fu Panda tomorrow..
While shopping for said shorts and tshirts at The Children's Place because Cameron out grows everything OR destroys it, I also stopped in at HMV and a yarn store. At HMV I got Hman the new Coldplay CD because I didn't get it for him for Father's day and I got me the Katy Perry CD. Excellent. At the yarn store I only got ONE skein of wool because of the yarn diet but this was Alafoss Lopi at 25% off and I needed more for the future felted rug made with, you guessed it, Alafoss Lopi. I think I need 3 more colours and I'll have enough. I think...should double check that.
Yesterday I casted on a mitten....I knit and knit and started a double knit pattern iafter the ribbed writs and got half way through said double knit pattern when I decided it didn't look right and ripped it ALL out. Dude, thats like 4 inches of knitting (ribbing, increases, AND intarsia/fair isle/stranded/ choose your term ) my hands are sore today especially the left because I only use it alot when doing stranded knitting in the round.(I can't purl left handed) For a slowish knitter like me that ws a long time of knit.
Today I casted it back on again but in reverse order of the colours and I am adding stripes to the cuff. I didn't get all that far and I'm still not sure about the colour combination but will wait until well into the stranded work again to be sure. Yarns: Paton's classic wool variegated and Lismore sheep farm in a natural light gray.
Why do I have so much trouble with mittens? Its not like its friggin' rocket science but they never turn out how I want. I rip them out all the time. Even that gorgeous Latvian style one I was working on got ripped out. siiiiiggghhhh. I think this time I will succeed though because I HAVE ripped it but still want to make it and even if its "not quite it" I will keep going. Its a 40 stitch cast on and 2x2 rib on 4mm needles for the wrist..For the hand I will switch to 5 mm needles and increase by ten...sounds huge yes? Yes because then I want to felt it down a bit to fit! Mwahahahahaaaa Double knit AND felted. Can you say "Holy Warmness, Batman! Your son will love you forever!"? I knew you could.
I'm going to go listen to Katy Perry telling me about kissing a girl and liking it while I work on this wrist ribbing. I have 40 minutes until the guys get home.

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Tara said...

I've been humming that freakin' milkshake song all day... Oy vey...