Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

1509- King Henry the 8th marries Catherine of Aragon.
1927- Babe Ruth hits 19 and 20 of his 60 home runs.
1966- Janos Joplin performs her first gig in San Fransico.
1978- The movie "Grease" opens.
1994- Marriage of Me and Him. Also Hell froze over. Sorry about that. :oD
14 years married, 17 years together. Wowee wee wah. It doth boggle the mind.
There are no exciting plans or plans of any other type because the boss is in town today. Stupid boss. Maybe on the weekend but I doubt it since Hman has been away and not had time to make any, Sunday is Father's Day, and Saturday I am WWKIPing.


Jennifer Lori said...

Happy anniversary!

Suldog said...


May you have many more years of happiness.

Tara said...

Happy anniversary!!!