Friday, June 13, 2008


Thanks go out to my anniversary well wishers. Its very sweet of you to take the time and send a sweet comment and I really appreciate them.
We had no plans for our anniversary because HMan had been away for 5 days and on the day of the anniversary he was having to spend time with his boss rather than me. My whole outlook was "well...whatever...its been 14 years so maybe we don't need to celebrate so much..." so I was very surprised when Hman returned Wednesday night. He presented me with a card, Godiva chocolates, and a British knitting magazine he knows I like. How sweet is that!? I felt bad because I had done all kinds of nothing in the way of gifts and cards for him. Ooops.
The card contained an invitation to go out for dinner and a movie this weekend. He's going to try and get a reservation at Chez Dodo, a French restaurant on Metcalfe, for tomorrow night. Isn't that nice?
Tomorrow is also World Wide Knit In Public day. Montreal Knits is loosely hosting a gathering in Parc Lafontaine. Basically show up and knit as a group in the parc. Some KIPs in other cities are super organised with games and prizes and celebrity attendees. Its wild!! Maybe we will get it together for next year. If it rains I'm just going to go hang with Ginette at Effiloche for the afternoon. Which is VERY hard because there is yarn for sale there and I am trying to NOT buy any yarn until Rhinebeck. I have plenty of yarn. More than I can knit up anytime soon. Some of which I regret buying..hello skein of baby blue silk for baby sunhat which I didn't knit because the pattern was too hard with non-stretchy yarn.
Having startitis issues again. The shrug is coming along slowly as are the two pairs of pair is half done and the other is at the heel flap of sock one. Now I want to start something new......

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Tara said...

I know what you mean, I've got to figure out how to buy yarn for my Secret Pal swap, but none for myself. Tricky...