Monday, June 23, 2008


"Plz 'member the bug spray if you take me out in nature,'k?"

I only fished once in my childhood and that was when a friend and her family took me along to their cottage in the New Germany area of Nova Scotia. It was down a dirt road on a idea which one. This was my first time fishing and I couldn't get enough.
Later in my early teens my sister and her husband took myself and my nephew on a few fishing outtings in Spring. That was when I got my first very own fishing rod and it was a pale blue metallic Shakespeare which was very pretty and I loved it so. That rod was lost when I went fishing with a friend's boyfriend for my first fishing from a canoe. The rod got left in his trunk and I ne'er saw it again. It had a lot of sentimental value for me so I was VERY BITTER. You know how attached I get to my presciousses especially if they are A) shiny or B) yarny.
My next fishing excursions were with my country girlfriend Edith. I would wait anxiously for Hman to get home from work, foist the small kids into his hands and say "SEE YA!" throwing my limited gear into the back of her truck and ruunning away from my frustrations. We would suck on gobstoppers, talk and come home with junk fish ( bullnose, yellow perch) to put in the gardens (under roses or tomato plants. Excellent fertiliser). Sometimes I ACTUALLY crawled out of bed in the very early to fish in the lake behind the house. Saw a beaver one time! mackeral fishing off the docks of Mahone Bay and Indian Point were wicked good fun too. I actually caught things then.
Then the kids got older and E got busier, divorcing etc,and we had our business, and the fishing didn't happen so much. I missed it desperately. Then we moved here.
Quebec has AWESOME fishing and I have not been once. In the 3 years I have been here not once. We went ice fishing on vacation BEFORE the boys and I moved here but that its and may I say HELL YES I did enjoy the ice fishing. I hooked them and then pretended to be tired and passed the rod to a kid to discover he had a bite and reel it in. this is how they get addicted see? So when they are older I will have fishing buddies to suck Gobstoppers and chat with. I digress.
So while my life has not been FILLED with fishing I do enjoy it quite a bit. I like the peace that comes with the boredom of not catching anything, taking the time to admire nature and let my mind wander. I also love paddling for its quiet and reflective qualities and if Hman fulfills his promise of a kayak ( we had a canoe but we find them uncomfortable and tippy)I will be very happy. Can you fish from a kayak I wonder?? Yes I was never a huge catcher of fish BUT when I do catch them I am so happy and excited it makes it all worth while. Hman has never loved fishing like me because as I may have mentioned he NEVER catches anything and has been known to jinx a whole excursion groups prospects (In Hawaii). this weeekend seems to have broken his curse and now he is willing to book us a weekend at a fishing camp. SWEET!!!! This is the place he wants to go to because we can take Blossom with us. He doesn't know of any places where you can just go and fish from shore etc to kill a couple hours and whiolewe can fish Lac Deux Montagne from our sail boat, the sailing part makes it tricky. "I wanna fish!" "No we are sailing!!" See what I mean? Anyways, my bitching that we never do the things I want to do (paddling, hiking, fishing) has paid off big time. Now...if only they have a weekend free for us. Hoping....hoping.....

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Tara said...

Fishing, a trip to Spain, Rhinebeck... The complaining has indeed paid off big time!