Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 More Sleeps

School is finished on Friday. Can I get a whoop whoop? The kids are all "why do we have to gooooooo? We aren't learning anythiiiiiiiiing! Its boooooorrrriiiinnngggg!" I say you are now learning that life is not always interesting and does not always have a point. Git!!
Tonight Hman's dad is staying over and I has the stress. We all know how I'd rather take a nap than do housework so the house is dusty and cluttery as usual BUT Hman is an amazing tidier so he did a hurricane run through of clutter busting and I will follow it up with the actual cleaning of floors,disinfecting of bathrooms(ick), dusting, and fragrance enhancing. Wheeeee(not). I was saving it all up for today so that it actually LOOKS like someone does housework when his dad is here...if I did it yesterday I'd just have to do it aaaalll again. We know how we hates the redundancey...redundency...hmmm...dictionary plz?
Meanwhile I am becoming infected with the Mitten Lust. I am wanting to make mittens for this coming winter because, as you know, its F*cking cold and snowy here in winter and I have Mitten Misplacers also known as children. Seriously, they lose them all. Come summer I just throw a bunch of singles out. BUT I also am wanting to make PRETTY mittens that will have little to no appeal to the boys. Thanks to my Barb, I may have the answer...warmth and beauty for men..
I love me some free patterns. This is why I loves me the Internets.
Currently on the needles: Richard's 6 ply socks #1 is in the gusset stage, Jessie Belle Maman socks #2 in the leg stage, My wrap around shrug currently in the I am bored with it stage, Jessie's baby bootees for a friend will be done tomorrow or Friday and mailed out soon.
I think I am safe to cast on some mittens.
Spanish update: The tickets are bought...squeeee! We fly on Air France to Paris and then to Malaga. How exciting. I had travel books in my hands at Chapters the other day but just could NOT decide which one to buy. They all had excellent selling points like maps and info and they weren't all just repititions of one another. I think I need more than one for my Pre trip research on Spain, in particular the area we will be staying in. So exciting. We still feel like its a dream..US going to SPAIN!!
Gardens: weeds weeds weeds. Lottsa weeds. Blooming roses and weeds. My snap peas are non existant. The swiss chard also very sparse. The radishes are doing quite well and I see the carrots in amongst the larger radish leaves. The tomatoes are coming along as well and need some tying up. Cukes were replaced and the new plants are doing well if still small. I had some temporary insanity issues at the plant nursery and got some red pepper plants. I never have luck with peppers but Cammie loves them so I will try again. The Royal Burgundy beans seem to be doing ok this year. Last time I tried them here there wasn't enough sun in the spot I had them. Now the garden boxes are in full sun. In the herb bed/box the basil looks sickly, the cilantro is bolting, and the sage looks tiny but the dill seems happy and the parsley and lemon balm are thriving. Strawberry plants are forming berries and I hope we get them before Nature does.
Ok...that is all thats going on here. :oD


Tara said...

You might try the library for travel books (yes I know it's a French library but the can ILL for you). Oh, and fyi, I bought about an abagagillion soaps from your friend Terri. Thanks for the enabling.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Sunshine? Have you invested in a spanish dictionary yet? I have one if you want to borrow it. I don't know how much help it would be. might be better off getting a phrase book or some such, you lucky duck!