Monday, June 23, 2008


I had a great idea this morning after much coffee and 3 hands of Uno with Ben.
Ben loves Uno. He gets me to play as often as I can tolerate but as games go, its one I enjoy. Now that its summer and days are lazy without lots of structure, the Uno will be played even more and thus the seed of a plan was planted.
The Family Summer Uno Championship! I will make up a chart for us to put in our points for the whole summer from every game we play this summer and at the end of the summer, the highest tally determines the Uno champion.
Yes it is mildly unfair for Cameron and Hman because they so rarely want to play but oh well sucks to be them. I think I will even invest in a trophy and do this each summer until it stops.
Heh heh...victory WILL be mine...heh heh heh


Tara said...

Great idea. I like Skipbo, myself.

Suldog said...

My Mom is a nut for Uno. I'm more of a Yahtzee fan, myself.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, have some quality time and fun with the kids