Monday, March 17, 2008

Travel Plans

I thought i understood our travel plans...leave Thursday, sleep in harrisburg, get to Va Beach on Friday. NOPE. We actually leave here on WEDNESDAY. I have one less day to find the boys birth certificates and do the laundry. Plus I miss Wednesday night in NDG.
Since the sweater is DONE I am making "Moc-A-Soc"s for the great nephew due soon. Mine don't look as beautiful as the pattern picture but they are still pretty frakking cute. And sooo tiiiiny. I will make more than one pair in various yarns and in the two different sizes..possibly. Thats the plan and I have plenty of yarn but the monogamy may kill me. Also, my car knitting, I have sort of decided, maybe the BSJ, pictured above. The Baby Surprise jacket is a genius little knit that is knit in one kkokie piece, folded and then seamed. Whats starts out as a weird bit of knitting magicaly becomes a wee sweater jacket. Thats the "surprise". Obviously I will not be knitting it in pink.
If i am not knitting the BSJ I will knit socks. or both. Never hurts to have options.


Suldog said...

How are you traveling into Harrisburg? Train? Auto? I ask because the Harrisburg train station is a lovely little place. I think it's actually designated a national historic landmark or something similar.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

OMG, those booties are too cute for words!

Tara said...

Widdle baby booties!!!! Almost makes me want to have another one. Yes, I know Maxime is only 10 months old, but he's also a giant! (weighs almost 24 pounds - Tee-Heeee!!!)