Monday, March 31, 2008

Have you ever...?

(I am going to discuss the prduct in the middle of this picture..not the spray or pads)
Have you ever seen something on TV advertised as the best ever product for whatever And totally said "I needs me some o'that!!!!".
Yeah me too. Only when I get whatever it is it usually sucks or at least isn't quite as fantabulous as the advertisement stated.
Well, I am here to say not all commercials lie. I saw an ad for this new Orange Glo wood floor product that cleans and protects and makes the floor shine again and thought of my PATHETIC 30 yr old parquet floor that needs refinishing BADLY and thought that "I needs me some!!!!!". We both actually said..."Ooooh check THAT out!". I found it at the grocery store and brought it back to Canada.
Some back story: This floor was covered in wall to wall when we bought the house and last year HM started removing the carpet. Light beige carpet is just NOT feasible with this family. The damage on the floor was obvious...some cigarette burns...deep wear..dullness. They had covered it rather than replace or refinish and I can understand that. So we have been trying to gently clean the floor when I break down and clean it. While I was away last suimmer SOMEONE thought he could do a better job than I at gently cleaning a wood floor and bought wood floor product from Pledge (coughcrapcough). This "wonder product" actually made cloudy white patches on the floor. It made my frikking floor look WORSE than ever. And would that cloudy white film go away with washing and wear? NO!!! rakkafrakkinsakkarassin.......
So with great hope and a HEFTY does of pessimissim I bought ONE bottle of this Orange Glo wood floor cleaner/protector/crack.
Yesterday HM though HE'D try it. Yeah right like I'm letting him ruin the floor more than he has.
After he vacuumed and I told him he wasn't allowed to use the new floor product, I vacuumed again while moving furniture to one end of the room. Than I mopped the floor with vinegar and water. Then I let ir dry. THEN I started with the Orange Glo, my Vileda fake Swiffer Wet Jet and a damp microfiber cloth in place of a microfiber cleaning pad because I couldn't find that. I squirted some OG on the floor and mopped it around with the grain as best I could (its parquet...the grain goes everyway!!). Looked great wet of course so I waited.
It still looked ok when dry. The white cloudyness was gone. So I did it again! (if once is good twice must be better riiiiiggghhht?). It still looked pretty good. So where the cloudiness had been worst and on the high traffic area, i reapplied a third time, let it all dry again and moved the furniture back.
Today it still looks great. The shine is better than we have ever seen it especially where the wear and tear is least. the very worn places of course are still just that but that dulling white film/cloudiness that just made it all so dingy is GONE and the floor looks great for what it is.
Next time I go to the US I am bring back a frikkin' CASE of this stuff!

Orange Glo I hereby dub thee FLOOR CRACK!!!!!

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Tara said...

You can only buy this stuff in the States? We rented the big carpet cleaner this weekend, and what a huge difference! NOT!!!!!! The clean spots look a little cleaner, but on the whole, the carpet still looks like crap. Gotta stop pissing away the hardwood floor fund on yarn! ;)