Friday, March 28, 2008


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My 7 :

1) When I was little my mother said that my freshly washed and brushed hair was the colour of a new penny.
2) I have a tendency to encourage people to do or try things. I believe in their capabilities. Need a cheerleader? Anyone? Anyone?
3) Through experience I have learned to get nervous or stop all plans at the words "How hard can it be?"
4) I have done nothing with my University degree.
5) I have never had a real "career".
6) I love kittens.
7) My expectations usually exceed my skills in meeting them. Frustration and failure are my bestest friends.


Tara said...

Um, are these your Seven Deadly Sins? 'Cause, I don't think you'll spend eternity in purgatory for these, sweetie. Just sayin' ;)

Tara said...

Right, just read the top of the post (silly me!). Never mind!!!