Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One of THOSE days

I bought frozen cranberries today because i want to make homemade granola with dried cranberries. the Craisins are so loaded with sugar coating that I wanted to make my own in an attempt to reduce the sugar and oil used in making dried cranberries. I KNOW I had the instructions and would bet my stash that it was in Ricardo magazine (Canada's ONLY cooking/food magazine by the way and its awesome)nad now I cannot find it.
How pissed am I that I have 6 dollars worth of cranberries thawing on the counter and I can't remember what to do after they are thawed? I distictly remember the "AHA! So thats how its done!" moment of reading how to dry the cranberries in Ricardo but what issue and where the frak is it??? Was sure it was the Holiday issue I have on the shelf but i can't spot it. 10$ says i threw the issue I need in the recycling in a fit of house cleaning. Sounds like something I would do.
I have dried fresh cranberries before and lets just say we won't be doin' that again. They turn to little juice balloons..dry skin and full of liquid. Have to be sliced up. The freezing takes care of that however some how.
I could just scream with my frustration.

Other than that its a very mild temperature day with some roof melt happening by the sounds of the dripping eavestrough. Thank GODS because after the snow on the weekend its getting quite hard to get around. When I back out of my driveway, I am always hoping that noone is coming because I have 0 visability thanks to the snow banks. Also, I have to cut my wheels very sharp because I back into the snow bank across the street trying to get my front end out of the drive...LOL Thats what I get for having a station wagon. Tonight is Laval Knits night. I hope someone shows up because I have a sitter coming.
8 sleeps to Virginia Beach trip. Yes I AM counting down thank you very much. Get me the F$%^ outta here.

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Tara said...

Did anyone show up at the Laval Knits night, finally? (Sorry I couldn't be there!!!)