Thursday, March 06, 2008


Climbing rose "Golden Showers"...tee hee golden showers...hee hee
I did get out last night and while tracking down a parking spot in snowy NDG and then getting thoroughly STUCK in a snowy parking spot and needing help getting out of said stuckness, I was regretting ever leaving my cozy home. I was so blessed by a wonderful taxi driver coming to my aid. Y'all, there are still good samaritans out there and lets give them all a hand because I was NEVER getting outta that spot alone. He dug and pushed and advised and through it all was very sweet and friendly and and didn't come right out and call me a dumbass ( although it may have been inferred). Because of him I was able to continue my parking spot search, actually park, and join my bitches at Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Grill on Monkland Ave.
Holy delicious hamburgers, Batman. My burger (saved my calories up all day)KICKED ASS. A delicious 6 ounce burger topped with cheese, chopped jalapeno peppers (fresh baby), tomato, dill pickle slice, bacon, and fresh onion on a really nice kaiser type roll. I only put mustard on to save calories and had a salad on the side instead of the fantastico fries they serve there( I stole one of Kadi's). This with my double vodka soda and lime in a tall glass was just what my battered spirit needed. So I had another (double vodka soda). Then it was Perrier the rest of the night. Kadi had the most amazing dessert..a chocolate brownie cake with caramel. Rich and delicious ( I had a taste). Good food, a touch of alcohol, and my gals with pointy stix (about 20 of us). It was awesome.
Of course some of us stayed later than others..ahem. It was 12:23 when i started my car.
On my way home my car started to do this shimmy about 70 or 80 clicks it started. Going slow seemed ok. I pulled over when I could and took a look, no flat. Continued to Laval when I went through a car wash incase of Ice build up causing it. Still there but maybe not as violent. I told HM about it this morning so it can be dealt with, if there is anything to deal with. He and the boys are heading north next weekend to visit his brother so the "travel" car needs to be declared road worthy before we have our trip the week after that.
When I GOT home, the driveway was bocked thanks to the plow being by again after I'd left home. So at 1 am or so I was SHOVELLING my way into my driveway. ARGH! HM woke this morning teasing me about staying out so late and calling me a party girl and chuckling...then I told him about having to shovel to get in and he absolutely roared with laughter! Yup I am one wild woman staying out until one thirty to shovel a driveway. Which was blocked again this morning.
And we are forecast to get up to 30 more centimeters of snow on Saturday.


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I can only imagine having to shovel your driveway at 1 AM. *Shudder*