Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I can't see you snow...or hear you...lalalalalalalalaa

Yesterday I got my Richter's Herb catalogue. When did they start carrying roses? (cue music: " I beg your pardon..I never promised you a rose garden")
I've got this rose bug since moving to this house. Something just makes me keep planting roses, which I had NEVER had any bloody luck with. I am glad I have though because this spot is great for (most of)the roses so far. I think its the S-word cover all winter that does iT.
Now, for ME a rose has got to smell to be worth my time. Plus it needs to be pretty (some just aren't, to me). The modern tea roses and hybrids don't always have a fragrance despite their gorgessity.
In the Richters catalogue they have old classics available, like the Kazanlik rose from Bulgaria. Its used to make the famous Attar Of Roses. I used to have one.(see above statement about me and my rose killing genius) Maybe its time for another?
The one I am most struck by is the Mme. Hardy. Its white and double and very fragrant. The fragrance is said to have a "hint of lemon" to it. I am very fond of the fruitier scented roses than the heavier fragranced ones, so I am very very tempted. Even though its white.
I am also taken with the form and colour of La Reine Victoria. Its plusses are that its got colour and its a continuous bloomer, meaning it gets more than one big rush of blooms in late JUne, rather it has some flowers most of the season.
I think I need both.
What thinkest you, oh dear ones?


Suldog said...

My absolute favorites are yellow roses - and I'm not even from Texas :-) I don't know the name - or if they even have an official one - but I think yellow roses are beautiful.

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Suldog, all the way from Australia.

I have about 60 rose bushes that my kids and I planted in our garden. Trust me when I say you need 'em BOTH!

My favourite is Chicago Peace.

AliP said...

Welcome David!!! I will get them both...LOL
Another reason why i love the S-dog. He brings cool folk together!
Jim: There are many many mnay yellow roses to choose from. Go nut big guy!!
There is even one named (hee hee) "Golden Showers". A rather unfortunate double entendre type of name no? snicker snicker
I had a Helen Hayes hardy tea rose that was stupendous for the summer and died totally that winter. You would probably do better with her since you are so much farther south.
Yellow roses signify friendship, joy, and freedom. How YOU!!!!

Tara said...

Go for it!!!! I've only ever planted one, and it got attacked by a battalion of aphids or something and died.