Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stupid Tuesday with its stupid dayness...

This is the attitude in this house since about 7:20 this morning...at least when ther are folk other than me home. Cameron is having a VERY BAD day apparently. Maybe someone should write a book about HIM not that other no good very bad day kid. Nothing soothes and nothing satisfies..he's pissed at the world and want everyone else pissed too. Been there done that bought the t shirt and have since worn it to rags. I sympathise, I really do. but anyone who knows me also knows that my "nice" limit can be reached fairly quickly and then the harpy comes back out...
Lets think spring shall we?
Aaaahhh...its only 16 days until the Vernal Equinox and then it is SPRING!! Yay! I am going to plant Montreal Melons this year because a very dear acquaintanmce has seed and she has said that she will mail me some. For more fascinating info on these melons go here: http://www.montrealmelon.com/ Also can read some about it here: http://www.cog.ca/documents/SlowFood.pdf
I have long been hooked on heritage varieties of veg and fruit and animals so this is right up my alley for an experiment in back yard growing and seed saving. Thank you, dearest Debra.
The garden bug is nipping pretty hard this year. Last year it barely nipped at all which was good because I was away all summer. I planted but only a bit and someone let things get pretty dried out while I was gone. We won't discuss the weed situation.
So, I said I wanted 2 Cercis canadiensis (Eastern redbud) for my front yard because the flower early, will eventually provide a smidgen of shade, and will create a further screen from the street. I am thinking I need to get out my graph paper and start doodling garden design plans for uniting all the various plantings. There are 3 bridal wreath spireas planted closer to the street. they live but have not taken off like I hoped.....the redbuds (please all nature's powers that be, to let me get two) would in theory be planted back into the yard about 5 feet behind and between the spireas...whats that called again? There is a name for it but I just call it staggering. Equadistant? No..thats not it...
I am thinking that after planting the ttrees, I will then lay out my winding path through the yard/garden, and then make all else a garden. It will unite the beds and the job will be accomplished more or less.
Another flower I want to plant is Four O'clocks..the marvel of Peru! I had some seeds and I threw them into the garden in the fall so that it would be as if some plnts had self sown. Hopefully they survive and grow and I can move them to other parts.
Baptisia needs moving. Maybe splitting as well. Also that stupid rose i hate that I bought last year by mistake. Also the highbush cranberry, now that it is actually growing for two seasons straight...it needs moving too.
My back hurts just thinking about it.

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Tara said...

I got the gardening bug last year. It was quite something, actually. I decided to triple the size of a flower bed and plant a vegetable garden. Oh, and I was 8 and a half months pregnant at the time. :)